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A Mom’s Musical Dream

Weeks ago, the mister had a work assignment in Cebu and there are only two things I specifically requested from him, one is, Lechon de Leche because when in Cebu, forget your BP (blood pressure) and eat lechon. The number two is, necklace accessories from Mactan because I received numerous compliments whenever I don one! All that at very affordable prices. He obliged. I’m such a lucky wife! But, my son is a lucky boy too, since it totally escaped my mind that Cebu, the Queen City of South is the home not just of lechon but also of the Philippine’s finest hand-crafted guitars and ukuleles. Good thing, my husband remembered to bring one home for our son.

Accessories brought from the Queen City of South #CebuHaul #MactanHaul #BlissfulFinds #MamaPicks

The Ukulele from Cebu – The Guitar Capital of the Philippines #iLoveCebu

Our little boy was overjoyed by his father’s gift to him. I guess, that’s how I am able to love my husband more and more as days get by. He’s a good father and he only keeps getting better at that role. None of us are musicians, sadly. But the mister can sing a song with the right tune. I can’t, unfortunately. But we’d like our children to love and learn music. We love them to be able to sing confidently in a crowd, big or small, unlike their mother who’ll likely sink from where she’s standing when one asks her to sing! haha Oh, how I envied my classmates who can stand up or raise their hands and sing a good song! We also love them to learn how to play at least one musical instrument, piano perhaps for Claret and guitar or ukulele for Jonath. I honestly think it’s a confidence booster and soul nourisher to have an upper-hand with Music. You know like in school activities, Music is always involved, right? And you just seem to connect with your inner self with the help of Music, plus it’s a great natural anti-depressant too. 

Back in my childhood, I was playing lyre when I was in elementary. Being part of the club, the Lyre and Drum Club was the best thing that ever happened to me during my grade school. I learned to respect not only the teachers but our coaches and their craft. I met fantastic people, young and grown-ups. I had a great time bonding with friends. I had been to places too because of performing and the performance itself was a great experience and teacher. So, I really do hope to pass these on to my children, and a ukulele and an electronic piano will probably be a good start. 

Today’s generation are genuinely lucky because Internet in most many households nowadays runs almost 24/7! No need to buy or subscribe to (monthly) song-hits or song magazines for the chords. Just google it and there you’ll have it, in just one click! There’s also YouTube for all sorts of video tutorials. A true haven for those who are into self-learning. No need to hire coaches and pay in per hour session. There are tons of websites and communities out there in the web like that could help, inform and encourage anyone who’s into it. Such a lucky, lucky generation indeed.

So, what about you, any “musical dreams” for your children? Me, I can’t wait for the day Jonath will play me a guitar and Claret will have her piano recital. That would be a proud mama moment! Awesomeness overload! But if they do not happen because my kids would not be interested or choose not to, it’s fine with mommy, I’ll love them just the same. I’ll be happy and contented with the mister’s serenade then. 

A throwback photo. Bought this electronic organ when I was pregnant with Jonath.


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