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♥ 4 Christmas Gift Ideas You May Want to Consider This 2015 ♥

One ber-month had just passed. Today is the 2nd day of October. Truly, Christmas is just around the block, yehey! But before the holiday feels, preparations first! Have you made your Christmas shopping list? How about a wish-list? I haven’t done mine, sad to admit. But you know, we should be slowly buying gifts for our loved ones at this early (or late na?) If you’ve started shopping already, good for you then. Bravo! Good job! But if you haven’t like me, (oh yes I’m such a busy working 8-5 mom of two) the next best time to start is NOW! Why? Simply because shopping later means more traffic, less choices and limited time to scout, compare and choose and gift-wrap too! So yeah, I should be buying gifts now. I’m going to the mall now, so bye! Just kidding you. I’ll finish this post first for you my dears. And as you would probably know by now, I’m a fanatic of on-line shops so most likely I’ll buy my gifts on-line. 

Anyway, I may not have gifts yet to wrap or an updated list of recipients (I still have my 2014 gift list), but I already have something (gift ideas) in mind! Sharing to you, of course my recent finds — 4 Christmas Gift Ideas You May Want to Consider this 2015:

1. For dogmamas, dogpapas, petparents and general pet-lovers, a PETRAIT (Pet Portrait) will be a very appealing gift. It’s been a hit first overseas but it’s becoming famous na rin here in the Philippines. I personally know someone who does petrait services! Such a great talent, a true work of art from a professional. You may shoot me an e-mail in case you won’t be able to reach him in the number below. (All photos used are with owner permission.)

J’s work of art.

A petlover himself, his first obra is his very own and first dog, Delorian (a pug).

2. For your environment-conscious loved-ones (though, I believe we all ought to be one, right?), shop at ECHOstore Philippines — a specialty shop offering natural and organic products for the body and for the home. I just visited their e-store and oh boy, this is a credit card red alert once more! But I do not mind really, because the prices are reasonable, products which I’ve used so far are great (insect repellant), so numerous items to choose from, environment-friendly and safe, that’s the most important thing, right?

Image lifted from

3. The Philippine weather has been unpredictable the past years. Sometimes there’s the scorching heat of the sun during rainy season. Other times a drench of rain during a supposedly hot summer. Climate Change has no respect for seasons anymore. To be ready and safe should there be a sudden thunderstorm, UNIQLO Jackets can come in handy. It’s made of a water-resistant material, thin and light enough to slip into your small bag. It is hooded too, which is the main reason why I love and brought one for me and the mister. It’s reasonably priced as well. I have an almost the same jacket from Giordano, but it does not have a hood so I’m very happy with Uniqlo’s that I’m considering to gift my sister with it. I also have to check if they have the same for kids. Let me know if you see one, okay? TIA

Sorry, had to take a blurred selfie. Still in the process of training Jonath. hehe

4. For your blogger friends and family or for those who have small to medium and thriving businesses, an on-line or digital advertisement would be a nice gift. Now, if you have a real budget you may engage the services of some of the most prominent digital influencers today. I know and follow some of them (locally). They are my inspiration for this blog. Just tell me if you want to know who they are. Or if you want, as a special Christmas offering, I’m willing to share and feature here in my blog your or your friend’s thriving businesses for free! Absolutely no charge, since my hits per day are only still very humble at 100-200 (for now). I sure hope to increase readership and interaction soon, I’m on at it now. It’s just that the corporate world is taking too much of my time and juice as well. Anyway, again folks, I’m willing to feature businesses (subject for review) in my blog for free! Drop an e-mail to

Off you go now and make that Christmas shopping list! Canvass and shop away, for Christmas is only 84 freaking days away! As always, I appreciate your thoughts, loves! That would be an awesome, excellent gift for me! Thanks!



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