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A Smart Choice To Give This Christmas / Election

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the election fever. Mall-wide sales and bazaars have started while politicians have file their certificates of candidacy (COCs). Shopping for gifts and giveaways (whether personal or corporate) have begun while campaigns have warmed-up.

With all the Christmas rush and election fuss, one cannot deny the fact that these are also the time when the local economy is very alive and businesses are earning good due to the Christmas tradition of gift-giving and election campaigning. So much money is revolving around across the nation! 

One of my favorites to receive as token during Christmas, election campaigns or any other promotional events are Pens and Pencils. Maybe because I love to write! I only have two obsessions when I was in grade school, one is stationery and the other one is obviously pens and pencils. In my case, a nice, smooth-writing and .30 or less ballpoint for pens is already a delight. I love it when I receive pens and pencils as giveaways and souvenirs. I even get the ones that come in hotel accommodation and training or workshop I attend to. I think they’re one of the best tokens, really. Why? Because they are useful, small enough to be kept in a clutch or pocket and they are an absolute cute and not to mention a must for anyone who loves to write, like yours truly. Despite the birth of smart phones and all its apps, writing through pen and paper still gives a different euphoria to anyone who loves writing. Besides, it’s my opinion that personally hand-written notes warms the heart of the recipient all the more. As a girl, I’ve always dreamed of receiving a hand-written ala Rizal love letter. It’s also my point of view to own several pens/pencils to use depending on what I’m writing or where I’m writing. I’m a little bit OC when it comes to pens and handwriting, you know. A black .50 sign pen for inking my signatures on important papers, a medium point, colored blue, ordinary pen for my everyday work, a pencil for sketching, lettering and draft articles and colorful gel ones for my planner and post-it notes.

Jose Rizal’s handwriting (from

Where do I buy my pens, you may ask. Well, everywhere! Bookstores, gift shops, malls, and of course on-line. Plus I do not discriminate them by their brands or prices, as long as they pass my criteria (smooth-writing and cute) and perform excellently, I’ll buy them and I’ll use them. The unique the better. The more personalized the greater. Actually, I’m thinking to give personalized pencils this Christmas to my office mates and my godchildren’s companions promoting my blog site. Do you think it’s a good idea? Well, I do and I was browsing the web and saw all these cute pens which are well within my budget, although overseas, check out these prices on Pen Factory. That site convinced me to give away pens/pencils for my kids’ godparents this Christmas and for my friends too, so I can promote my blog site as a sideline (hidden) agenda. Haha Just trying to be a smart-giver. Yes, it’s a yearly tradition for us to give my kids’ godparents a small token as our family’s way of appreciating them. And since the mama loves to write, promotional, personalized pencils are the smartest way to go.
Some of my gel pens.

Tell me honestly, will you appreciate it too if I give you a bunch of Blissful Thoughts pencils? Or, should I reserve it for my friends who love to write and draw like me? Appreciate your honest thoughts on this! Thanks.

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