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♥ DIY Birthday Party (in pictures) ♥

This month, my son Jonath celebrated his birthday. We planned to go to Dreamworks/Dreamplay but we opted to cancel due to the sudden death of my dear brother-in-law Dr. Charlemagne G. Aguinaldo. Our hearts are still heavy –still in the deep sense of loss and grief. But, birthdays are celebrations of life and life should always be celebrated, for as long as we are given the chance. We know that Iboy would have loved us to celebrate his nephew’s birthday too.

So, despite the current family struggle, we took a time-out from the wake and attended to our kids especially Jonath, to celebrate his birthday with my side of the family. Just a simple celebration really, no frills, all love, and kids. We partied with his favorites (maybe, all kids’ favorite), chocolate cake, ice cream, and spaghetti and his cousins as visitors.

No cutey or artsy photos so far, I’ll still have to check my sister’s camera. In the meantime, here’s a throwback of his birthday last year where I tried to orchestrate a DIY Birthday Party. I had no time then to blog about it but now at least, let me share with you my experience of a DIY Birthday Party through photos.
A DIY Birthday Party is fun to plan and fun to think about but really hard to execute. It is stressful yet very rewarding. It’s no doubt exhausting yet very exciting. Jonath’s party last year was one for the books. I might just do it again for Claret. Let’s see. Again, enjoy the photos from last year!
I made the mini cupcakes, cupcakes, and Lolli-cakes!
Siopao and Siomai were best-sellers!
The sweets and candy corner were the blockbusters! My first attempt to do a fondant cake kinda failed
but it tasted good, nonetheless.
The DIY Photobooth Frame I crafted.
Oh, the signs!
Happy happy birthday baby boy!!! We love you so much!!! I pray to God that you may live long, healthy, safe, strong and happy. We are always gonna be here for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos! As we celebrate my son’s birthday, we also celebrate my brother-in-law’s mortal life which ended and an eternal one which has just begun. After this post, I hope you don’t mind if I request a silent prayer for my brother-in-law who is such a great loss to the family. Thank you.


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