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♥ All-New Cetaphil Baby ♥

As mothers, we only want the best for our babies, right mommies? From head to toe, inside and out, we want to give them the best care there is. One of the very first products we need to buy for our babies is bath products. Soap and shampoo or better yet an all-around wash (head-to-toe, my forever bet!). And since they are among the top products we need to immediately purchase, they are also first in the line in mommy’s quality check. We always subject our kids’ bath products to thorough inspection, reading labels and experimenting them first on ourselves. Why not? It touches our babies’ sensitive skin and anything that touches their skin should be carefully chosen. Agree?

The first product I bought and trusted for my kids’ skin was a head-to-toe wash. It was pretty expensive but quality first before price when it comes to my kids. No way, I’ll compromise my kids’ safety and well-being, even though the choice of their soap and shampoo. Honestly, I’m satisfied with that first product. However, my kids’ pediatrician, Dra. A always recommends the use of Cetaphil whenever she sees an insect bite, small rash or dry spots on my kids’ skin. At first, I was hesitant because I thought Cetaphil was only for those who need extra moisture in their skin. I also longed for that familiar soft and rich lather. But then I learned that there is an antibacterial Cetaphil soap. Since my discovery of its antibacterial soap, I’ve always used Cetaphil whenever my kids get a skin problem. Still, I don’t use Cetaphil on a regular basis because one, the soap is hard to carry around in a bag (I’ll choose liquid soap anytime), and two, it’s not recommended to always use an antibacterial soap whether in kids or adults. Three, most of the times my kids’ skin are just fine so there’s no need for an antibacterial product and four, nowhere in its label, you’ll find it’s best for babies. Of course, I trust our pedia and I see good results with Cetaphil but I still prefer using bath products specifically formulated and explicitly meant for babies/kids, and for babies/kids alone.

That’s why I’m so happy when finally there is an all-new Cetaphil Baby! It’s an entirely new line made especially for baby’s delicate skin. Delicate yet normal skin! That’s important because not all babies have skin issues and even if they do, as in the case of my babies, it’s not always like that. The Cetaphil Baby product line is so inviting, from packaging to choices (there’s a head-to-toe wash! My favorite! Yay!) A wide-range of baby bath/skincare products which we can use on our babies on a regular basis!  I visited their website and get thrilled further:

Its gentle and hypoallergenic ingredients complement a mother’s loving touch and supports the skin’s natural development in its most vulnerable early stages.

Used together, the new Cetaphil Baby line can help create foundations for lifelong healthy skin. With 0% paraben, alcohol, mineral oils, animal origin ingredients, and soap, Cetaphil Baby is safe for baby’s daily use. All Cetaphil Baby products are clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

There are many ways to show you care. With Cetaphil Baby, you can keep your cherished little one’s skin soft, smooth, and moisturized everyday. Choose a #MothersLovingTouch. Try Cetaphil Baby today.

Excited now? Wait, there’s more, get a chance to win a Cetaphil Baby Gift Set by joining their mailing list. Click here for the link. As for me and my babies (Jonath-Kulisap and Claret-Tutubi), we’re excited to use these Cetaphil Babies in our next bath session! Happy bathing! 




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