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4 House Problems When You Have Small Kids

Maintaining a home sweet home is not an easy feat especially if you have overly active kids in your fleet. The first problem I remember I encountered concerning our home when I became a mom was where to put my son’s duyan or hammock. When that was solved and the cute baby entered the terrible 2 stage, I had to solve my coffee problems. You know, the common mommy complain of not being able to finish a hot cup of coffee in one sitting. And oh, the countertops, yes the countertops which they seem to manage to reach all the time effortlessly as soon as they can stand up alone. One time, my daughter was able to pull a dish on our dining table. She bathed herself with paksiw na isda (a fish with vinegar viand)! Thank goodness, it was not a hot dish or I’ll be one sorry mommy. After that incident, I became more mindful of what I put in countertops which my kids could easily or uneasily reach. Because believe you me, if they have the will, they will have their way!

Moving on, my house problems ever since the kids came do not stop in the hammock, coffee or countertops. As a matter of fact, they were only a prelude to much challenging ones. Let’s see if you can relate mommies with these 4 house problems when you start having kids, things which do not bother you at all when you were still a single or just a couple.


It’s already a challenge where to put your own stuff but with the kids coming, storage is surely a major concern you and your partner have failed to talk and plan about beforehand. The kids’ stuff can surprise you! You won’t imagine how much storage having kids will require. They need storage for their of course, clothes, that’s one. They will also need spaces for their diapers, more if you plan to stock up. Also a space for their toiletries and reserves. You will also need to prepare huge and numerous storage for their TOYS! Toys which you buy for them and toys which they receive as gifts which can be pretty overwhelming during their birthdays and Christmas times. As they grow older, the more toys they will accumulate and the outgrown clothes and shoes should be kept too for the use of the next one, especially the expensive and hard-to-find ones and the costumes. Sorting, constant purging and proper or systematic organization are the keys to maximize the use of your storage areas. Donate regularly to charities. Avoid impulse buying of small-value possessions. De-clutter every now and then. Keep it spic and span so that you’ll have a good eye on problem areas of your house. Also, consider installing shelves and drawers instead of piling up plastic boxes which may give you a hard time opening when you need something from the boxes. You may further opt to use a heavy-duty 36” Drawer Slides for pull out shelves and drawers which you may install underneath staircases, beds and pantries to create more storage spaces in your home.

Floors, Doors and Stairs

We moms always worry about slippery floors, hands being crushed by the door and tipping over the stairs. Kids, well, my kids love to run as soon as they get out of the bathroom. Imagine my horror when I am not yet done drying them up and they start running like crazy! Oh well, thank goodness my sanity is still intact. Aside from trying my best to dry them up before they could escape my grip, I also put several anti-slippery mats along the path to the bathroom. For more safety, I also place play mats in the living room. As for the door which they love to open and close with a bang, a simple door-stopper will dissolve your worries at least until they learn how to remove it. When my kids learned how to remove the door-stoppers, what I did is to put a rope around the door knob and hang or tie it on somewhat. I have yet to think another trick once they are tall enough to reach the door knobs. Then comes the stairs, lucky are the moms who live in bungalow houses as they are spared from stair anxiety. Thank you to whoever invented child safety gates which can be installed and removed easily. However, the ready-made ones are quite expensive so I suggest you just hire a local carpenter instead. You may also choose to improvise with for example, a large cushioned furniture which the kids cannot move by themselves.

Small Items

Kids, especially those under 3 years old are still very curious to whatever they find inside the house and sometimes their curiosity is on the sense of taste! Every member of the household should be very careful when it comes to small items which the kids may pick up and put on their mouths. Even if they do not intend to eat or swallow them, accident happens and the small items may end up in their tummy. I said/wrote may since there are hospital emergency cases wherein the things the kids swallowed get stuck in their esophagus which may stop their normal breathing. That is a serious and potentially fatal case. As compared to when the things they swallow end up in their tummies, you can at least wait for their bodies to release them naturally (through their stool). However, if after 3 days the foreign object still stays inside their bodies, you must consult a doctor who may in turn order for an operation. Scary? Yes, it is. So, please keep every small item in your house where the children won’t be able to reach and find them. Always check their bags or boxes of toys. Always check the floors. More importantly, train your kids not to eat or swallow anything they find, instead tell them to give it to you.

Cleaning Products

It’s already given that cleaning products should be kept in a safe place and that is out of children’s reach. Apart from that however, mommies are also concern about the harmful chemicals cleaning products may contain. The insect sprays, disinfectants, air deodorizers and air purifiers are some of the products we use because in all fairness, we need them too to keep our houses free from bacteria, viruses and pests. Nevertheless, we should always check their labels and strictly follow the directions on how to use the said products. If it says, there should be no people while spraying or please stay outside for 60 minutes, then do so. Caution should always be observed. It is important because our and our kids’ health are on the line. For a more relaxed cleaning habits and routine, try using kid-friendly cleaning products. Albeit pricier, our kids’ health and safety are priceless. When I became a mother, I became choosier when it comes to products I use in the house and that includes the cleansers. Most products I buy are friendly to the environment and to the kids. If I must use one which does not explicitly say children-safe, then I exert extra carefulness and moderation during usage. Also, with a little research you will find some natural cleaning products such as baking soda and vinegar which are as good if bot even better with the commercial ones.

Can you relate with my house problems mommies and daddies? Do we have the same house concerns? Or you have something else to share? Please do so and let’s make parenting closer to bliss for one and all.



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