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♥ Food Bliss: Magnolia Flavor House ♥

The mister and I happened to pass by Robinson’s Mall in Las Pinas and since that was around lunchtime, we decided to look for a restaurant wherein we could stand-by and eat. From time to time we like to try restaurants which are new to us so we end up at a cute-looking Magnolia Flavor House.

With the hue of pastels, dominated by baby pink and baby blue, the Magnolia Flavor House was indeed refreshing to the eyes and therefore inviting. When I stepped inside the place, I immediately felt like I was entering a fabulous unisex nursery room. So parents will feel at home and/or miss their kids when dining here. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, though. But if the duo was with us at that time, I’m sure they would have enjoyed the place. It is so beautiful. Not only that, the place has the magic to make one feel young again. The place was really good. Period.

The prices on the menu is however a different story. When we opened the menu, my first thought was that it was pricey but we gave it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the taste is superbly delicious or maybe the serving is big enough for two adults. The ambiance may be child-enticing but the prices are definitely for parents only. And when the menu is pricey, expectations become higher. That is exactly what happened to us. We expected too much.

Do you wonder now if the prices are worth it? Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO. It just wasn’t worth the price at least for the dish we ordered. We ordered the Korean Beef Stew for P215, Creamy Carbonara for P220 and a bottled water. We also ordered Halo-Halo for dessert but was not available so we opted to order the dessert later. The Korean Beef Stew with rice was served first. The look itself was disappointing. It looked like a meal ordered in canteens and carenderias. And when we tasted it, it’s exactly the type of meal which one can find and eat in small eateries but would only cost around P50. I was really upset. It was a highly unexpected food in such a gorgeous place. As for the Creamy Carbonara, well, I never have tasted it.

Korean Beef Stew of Magnolia Flavor House worth P215
Korean Beef Stew with Rice of Magnolia Flavor House worth P215

To make matters worse, I had to cancel my order Creamy Carbonara. They said that the Beef Stew will take longer to cook, around 15-20 minutes while the pasta will be quicker to prepare. But, they served first the Beef Stew, after 30 minutes or so. Five more minutes without the Creamy Carbonara in sight, I knew I had to cancel it to save myself from irritation. I understand that it was not a fast-food type but they are the ones who told us about serving time upon our asking. After that, it’s obvious I no longer have an appetite for any desserts.

For me, Magnolia Flavor House is a combination of a nice interior and bad serving of food, in my case the Beef Stew, sprinkled with over the top prices and waiting time. Will I eat there again? Not anymore. But, I’ll probably still go for the Halo-Halo, after all I think their real forte is as an ice cream parlor / desserts destination.

In the end, we went up to the Food Court and ordered at HapChan Express. I don’t know if it is my hunger or the food was really good. Below is my order for only P235 sans the pastel-colored walls and chairs.

Any superb and kid-friendly but affordable restaurant you have recently tried? Share it with us here on Food Bliss!


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