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♥ My favorite Bed-Time Horror Story ♥

I’m kind of upset that November 2, an All Souls’ Day was not declared as a special non-working holiday this year. Hence, there’s no chance for the kids and us (me and my hubby) to bond and enjoy the Halloween with our families. We have plans, but then it’s all going to be on a rush-rush and exhausting beast mode. When there were no kids yet, the mister and I would watch at least 3 horror movies in a day. We’re not so much into Halloween parties but I always attend the one organized by my friend who celebrates his birthday close to November 1. Then the kids came, we bring them to the cemetery (Himlayang Pilipino), where my maternal grandparents are laid in rest. Our spot there is not crowded and we actually have an open lot where the kids together with their cousins could play and do a picnic. We just lay around, eat and reminisce about the good old days with our departed loved ones. And of course, we clean the place and pray for their souls before we leave.
All these Halloween activities are fatiguing (okay, maybe except for watching 3 movies in a day). I can see you nodding in agreement, right there! But what can we do? It’s not a Holiday! Blessed are those who have available leave credits and kind bosses. I have a kind boss but I do not have much of leave credits because you know how it is when you are a mommy. You do not own your leave credits alone. The yaya gets sick or is suddenly absent. You take a leave. The mister gets sick. You take a leave. The kids get sick or need you at school. You take a leave. You get sick but can still stand up. You don’t take a leave. Besides,  I used up a lot of mine when my brother-in-law died. Sad reality about a mom’s leave credits right there but it is true. Anyways, back to the Halloween, we just accept it as it is (no extra free day!) and try to maximize the time and squeeze in it everything we need to do and go to. Just the thought of it makes me faint!
In the meantime, let me just share to you my kiddie-favorite horror story of all-time! My uncle and then later on my sister used to tell me this story at bedtime and it never failed to bring me chills. I don’t know if it’s the story or the story-telling. I guess, my uncle and sister are pretty good story-tellers then. Okay, this story is about a little young boy whose mother got sick so he had to find food and medicine for him and his mother.
Disclaimer: I do not know where this story is originally based. So, please inform me once you know a similar or original story. Thank you.
There was a little young boy who lives in a very tiny home in the middle of the woods and forests with his mother. His name is Kanin (that’s a name given by my son!). One day, Kanin’s mother got sick. She cannot go down the town to look for food and medicine and so she had to ask Kanin to do it instead.
Mom: (Coughing and Sneezing) Kanin, my son, please go to town and look for food and medicine. I am feeling too weak.
Kanin: Yes, mother. (Kanin quickly obeys.)
Kanin without any money goes down the town and tries to look for food and medicine. Some people whom he asked for help give him food but no one gives him a medicine for his sick mother. Kanin decided to ask strangers for money instead. As the townspeople were also poor, only a few have given money. Kanin is already turning sad when he saw an old fat woman in an eatery with jewelries all over her body. Kanin hurriedly goes to the old fat woman to ask for help.
Kanin: Madame, please help me. I need to buy medicine for my mother.
Old Fat Woman: You dirty little man, who are you trying to fool? Get away from me. You are so dirty. Where are your parents?
Kanin: I’m not trying to fool you Ma’am. My mother is sick that’s why I’m asking people for help.
Old Fat Woman: I have no alms to give you, you dirty, stinky beggar. Here is my most precious ring, get it if you can. Hahahahhaha (laughs the woman, as she knows the ring will not wear off in her finger because she is too fat)
Kanin tries hard to get the ring from her finger but every attempt fails because the ring is too skimpy for the old fat woman’s finger. The woman laughs some more as she sees the little young boy struggles with the task and starts to sweat profusely. Suddenly, the woman chokes and could not breath because of laughing too hard at Kanin. The woman falls dead on the ground. Kanin knew she had a heart attack because that was what happened to his father a year ago. Kanin could not remove his tiny finger from the old fat woman’s grip. He looks around and sees no one inside the eatery except for the sleeping cook inside the kitchen. The waiter has brought the garbage out. Kanin has to do something. He’s afraid to be taken by the police once they see him in that situation. With all courage, Kanin grabs a knife and cut the old fat woman’s finger. After that, he runs away from the eatery as fast as he could. When he’s far enough, he realized that he is still holding the old fat woman’s finger with her precious ring still on it. He removes the ring from the finger and buried it (the finger) in the ground. He cleans the ring in the nearby stream and sells it in the market. He uses the money to buy medicine for her mother.
It was already dark when Kanin arrives home. Kanin serves his mother some food and medicine and he watches her go to sleep. They have no electricity inside their house. The wind is strong outside and a heavy rain falls. Kanin starts to clean the dishes. Then there’s a loud thunder and lightning. He hears a loud knock on the door. He ignores it as he is now getting really scared. He hears someone banging on the door again, louder than the last one and this time with a roaring sound outside.
Kanin’s mother awakens. She asks Kanin to open the door as it could be someone who got lost in the woods looking for help in the middle of the night and rain.
Mom: (in a very weak voice) Kanin, will you please open the door.
Kanin obeys his mother although he is very frightened to move around the darkness. He goes near the banging door and slowly opens it as it makes a creepy creaking sound. Kanin saw someone covered in a black cloth standing outside the door. He attempted to close the door but the other being on the other side holds his hand. The hand which grabs him was cold. Then, it speaks.
Woman: Please help me young boy.
Kanin: What can I do for you Ma’am?
Woman: I need a medicine for my hand.
Kanin: What happens to your hand?
Woman: (shows his bloody hand to Kanin with a missing finger) Help me, someone cut my finger.
Kanin: Who did that to you? (Kanin asks while shivering.)
Woman: (removes the black cloth) YOU! (Grabs Kanin)
How do you like the story? Were you scared? Have you heard/read it already? Please let me know. Will you consider telling it to your kids this weekend fright night? I suggest you mimic sounds and create specific voices for each character to make the story more believable and scarier. Any Halloween thoughts you’d like to share? Type away in the comments!
Halloween Party in 2010

Happy Halloween!

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