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5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Christmas is the merriest season for most of us. It is for me too. The late-night parties, the foods, the cocktails, the reunions and the stress! No wonder why my immune system takes a dip during this time of the year. One thing which always bothers me during this season is, catching a cold. Yes, the common viral cold. It’s hard to enjoy and pose a festive mood if you get drooping watery eyes and if you need to wipe your nose every now and then (infront of people). If I get unlucky, it could turn into a full-blown flu. Good thing I’ve learned how to protect myself and take preventive measures that fit my lifestyle and my body’s chemical structure. Here is how I boost my immune system during the Holidays:

1. I increase my water intake. Since the air is usually colder at this time of the year, I noticed I don’t thirst much, hence, I don’t drink water that much too, especially that I am mostly inside an air-conditioned room. I exert an effort to monitor how much water I drink everyday, making sure I get the recommended amount which is 8-10 glasses per day. I increase my water intake to ensure I stay hydrated (no dry flaky skin!) and I flush out toxins in my body through perspiration and urination. Because of water’s hydrating and cleansing power, it is very important that you take lots of it.


2. I sleep/rest well at night. I totally avoid (if possible) or lessen watching series or movies at night during the Holidays. I opt to get all the sleep I can. That way, I am able to reserve or recover my energy for or from the late-night parties and reunions. Sleep is a very important element for a healthy immune system. Our body’s natural process of repair of damaged cells happens while we are at sleep. How could we produce healthy new cells to replace the damaged ones if we do not get a complete sleep? The same logic goes with the relation between sleep and healthy clear skin, especially facial skin. Is it not that we always get a pimple break-out when we lack sleep.


3. I take advantage of the bountiful fruits in the table. In our household, we’re not really big on eating fruits. We always have bananas on weekends though, but that’s it. December is the lone month of the year when we buy a lot of fruits to display on the dining table as a symbol for prosperity. So, I take advantage of the season by eating fruits to boost my immune system. The ham, desserts and fruit cakes are all delicious I know but so are fruits and they are healthier pa. Grapes are great anti-oxidants. Watermelons are good for hydration. Avocados are rich with good cholesterol. The cheapest I could think of are the dalandan (or oranges). They are a good source of Vitamin C, that is if you are not acidic but if you are like me who gets acid reflux every so often, I advice you take it easy on citrus fruits.


4. I increase my intake of Vitamin C. When you talk about the immune system, the first thing that pops up our minds is of course, Vitamin C. It is essential for optimal health. There are hundreds of metabolic functions in our bodies and a number of vitamins which cannot work without Vitamin C. Unfortunately for me, as I said above, I have a bad cold case of being acidic making me a no big fan of citrus fruits. So, where do I get my share of Vitamin C? Sure there are a lot of Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid which can easily be bought over-the-counter but they too give me stomach aches, even if it’s just one dose per day. Good thing there is a non-acidic Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbate and the only brand I trust for years now is FERN-C. 

FERN-C is alkaline-based (non-acidic) that is why it is readily absorbed and well-tolerated by the body. With a pH range of 7.5 to 7.8, I can take up to 4 doses of FERN-C (if I get colds symptoms, 1-2 doses for maintenance) without the negative effects of the highly acidic Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid tablets, like gastric and intestinal irritation. As a matter of fact, it is safe to take FERN-C on an empty stomach. I can say that FERN-C is tummy-friendly as compared to any Ascorbic Acid. I can also say with all honesty that it works for me. I don’t need to take any other medicine just FERN-C 3-4 times a day and my bad cold (and cough) are gone.

FERN-C also helps increase our body’s resistance to stress, common colds, viral and other type of infections. It is essential for the stimulation of the production of collagen – which is the most abundant protein covering and protecting all mucous linings and tissues necessary in maintaining all organs mainly the heart and blood vessels. As a potent anti-oxidant, it effectively fights against free radicals and its harmful effects in our body.

With FERN-C, I have no worries about catching a bad cold or flu just before a big Christmas party or Holiday vacation. Since I am protected, I can finally enjoy a stress-free Christmas season.

To learn more about FERN-C, you may click/follow their social media accounts:
Fern-C Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ferncofficial/

Let Vitamin C save the day!
5. Call me crazy with this one but it really works for me. Choose to be happy! Get a positive disposition in life. Count your blessings. Thank God. Smile often. Be a kid again. Enjoy the season. Appreciate. Celebrate life. Endure all the excitement and merriment of the Holiday season. Find joy in giving and receiving. It’s just once a year, you know. No matter how much we want to keep the spirit of Christmas all year long, it just won’t happen. In January, the songs will change, the lights will be out and the decors will be kept. There will be no more parties and reunions, at least not the kind we have every December. I firmly believe that most illnesses are caused by stress. Maybe because stress weakens our immune system. The only effective way to fight stress (aside from physical stress, I guess) is to stay happy, grateful and positive. And you can only be that (happy, grateful and positive) by choice.
That my friends is how I boost my immunity during this super stressful Holidays. Well, they absolutely work for me. I hope they do for you as well. Now, I don’t worry about my health anymore, all I worry about are the gift expenses! hehe How do you stay healthy in this crazy yet heavily joyful season? Care to share? Do so by leaving me a message below.


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