Project: Full Life

♥ #CleanSlate2016 ♥

This is my hashtag for 2016 — clean slate (#CleanSlate2016). Clean Slate as an idiom is defined as a state in which you are starting an activity or process again, not considering what has happened in the past at all.

I chose this as my powerful line for the coming New Year because of two things. One is I want to start the year by forgiving myself and at the same time forgetting and learning from my mistakes, lapses and shortcomings this 2015. Two, I am keeping my hopes high in welcoming more opportunities and conquering new challenges in 2016. Clean Slate 2016 for me is planning my life for the forthcoming year with a burst of joy, surprises and creativity. Living a life is no longer enough for me. I want to live a meaningful and beautiful one. I want to live a life that matters and to me that means living my dreams, doing what I love to do, loving abundantly, making memories and practicing generosity. That’s quite a lot, I know. But I think it will just boil down into one, living my life to the fullest by being guided by God’s will.

So, it’s going to be a #CleanSlate2016 for me. No more boring, repetitive and theoretical plans, just definite, tangible, measurable and quantifiable course of action. No dreams (dreams are in my head only), just (specific) goals. I’ve come up to this power line while reflecting for the next presidential election. I have watched a CNN interview of one presidential candidate and his VP. All they mentioned in that interview were ideas, plans and philosophies. There was no mention of any concrete steps on how to achieve those perfect scenarios. The world is already full of great minds and great ideas. We however lack action, hard work and real conversion. Too many laws, so weak implementation. I realized that in my own life, I was like those politicians full of great ideas of what must be done or achieved by me. However, I do not offer any actions to be taken by me in order to transform those great ideas into my real life.

Changing rules this coming 2016. Let’s not stop at dreaming for dreaming is only the beginning. What’s your hashtag or power line for the New Year? I’m just here to listen and read what you have to say!

*top photo from DeathtoStock

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