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♥ #MakingMemories At Christmas Parties ♥

In the world we live in and at this time and age, it has become easy for a person to become apathetic about Christmas, especially for adults who have been jaded by so many complexities of life. Have you ever met a person who had been rock-solid hardened by life? I think I do. And, as I grow older, I meet more of them. It’s sad if you ask me but who am I to judge them, right? Honestly, as an adult myself, my visions of Christmas have changed too. And sometimes I wish I could be just that little girl again, believing in Santa, waiting for surprise gifts and candies, waking up and getting thrilled at the sound of the church’s orchestra bells and getting amazed by our tiny tree. But then I realize that Christmas has become more real, less fantasy, yet very meaningful to me in a sense that I know now what giving and sharing is. I know the concept of generosity and the value of relationships. I have the free will to celebrate or rather exercise Christmas despite other’s apathy (unrelated to religious preferences).

I used to hang stockings on our door, to be filled up magically with candies!

We all know by heart, or most of us at least, the real essence of Christmas, it’s the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. Yup, it is His birthday that we celebrate. We celebrate the season in various ways but a Christmas Party is what people, both the young and adults, always look forward to and get thrilled about.

Christmas Parties have been an annual tradition for companies and organizations. It’s one event which employees look forward to whole year round. And why not? It’s our time to shine and showcase our other talents (i.e. singing and dancing). It’s also our chance to see our bosses perform and/or don a costume! On top of it all, it’s the best time for colleagues to know each other better and form a camaraderie.

As for yours truly, I was never the life of the party. I shy away from contests, costumes and performances. So to those who think they are losing their dignity every Christmas, pun intended, I feel you! But, I’m among the best supporter, cheerer, audience and sometimes props man or script writer. That’s where I can contribute best, in the creative idea and support department.

Even if I’m just a happy onlooker when it comes to huge corporate events, I always find myself enjoying to bits the small group/department Christmas Parties. The less formal, more fun and louder ones. Sometimes, crazier! I guess that’s me being comfortable and loving just a small trusted circle.

Below are the items/things not to miss on a small-unit Christmas Party (not unless you guys choose to celebrate outside your office):

1. FOOD – No party is complete without food to share by everybody. It doesn’t really matter what or how much food (but, of course, it’s best to have delicious food worth remembering!), what matters the most is that it is well thought of. For a small group, it’s nice to have some fruit salad, pasta, dessert, pizza and/or one to two viands for rice eaters.

2. DECORS – This is what distinguishes the event from other gatherings. A little Christmas tree, a Santa standee, garlands, Christmas balls, a dash of red and gold and glittering signs. Not to forget the matching shirt colors!

3. GAMES and PRIZES – This is the most fun part because this is where we become like children again. I remember belting out the loudest laugh and widest smile on every game with my colleagues. The most common games are Bring Me, Pinoy Henyo, Charade and short obstacle course. 

My nieces and nephews Christmas Party held at our rooftop

4. RAFFLE PRIZES – This is the chance for those who are unlucky with games to bring something home. As compared to the big parties which raffles could go as big as an entertainment showcase, raffle prizes in small-group Christmas Parties are generally small-value. But, it’s the thought of winning something out of luck that brings us joy.

5. MUSIC – It sets the mood of the party. Sometimes, with videoke too! From the classic Christmas medley to the trending POP songs, isn’t it great to listen to good music while winding the whole year down.

Pre-celebrating Christmas need not be extravagant. With enough and delicious food, simple decors, exciting games, humble gifts and prizes and great music, we can all together make a lasting memory of fun and friendship. Ultimately, no matter how simple a celebration is, it’s the people celebrating and bonding over who matter.

Merry Christmas Party to all! Tell me about your most memorable Christmas Party and get a chance to receive a surprise gift/token from me! Hurry up, only until next week. Or better yet, share it through a photo! Follow Blissful Thoughts on FB!


*photos from a book I forgot, will update this post soon for proper credits

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