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♥ What to do with your kids’ Christmas Aguinaldo? ♥

Jonath’s First Christmas / Cash Gifts on His Left Side

It’s Christmas time! My son is excited because he has been looking forward to visiting Mom and Dad’s offices. You know how kids are, right? Such curious beings. He always wonders where we go for work five times a week. Although this year, we only brought him at the mister’s office because kids are not allowed in my office and we only had a lunch-break Christmas party. Yeah, I know what you must be thinking now but let’s just focus on the fun part because those are what matters the most during Christmas.

Jonath’s First Christmas Giveaway (2012)
Since 2012, we bring Jonath (since 2014, with Claret) to his godfathers and godmothers in my husband’s office to greet them a merry Christmas and to give them a small token or gift. This year we advanced the kids’ gifts because it’s a little heavy, not doable to carry with two kids in tow. While going around their dad’s office, many others will give them aguinaldos in the forms of cash, chocolates, toys and other gifts. My kids are of course very happy especially Jonath. More than the money and the gifts, Jonath feels so loved — kaya mga mare at pare at sa lahat lahat thank you thank you for the love! 
Jonath’s first Christmas Gifts

As a mom, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed and be incredibly grateful for the attention and love they give to my kids whenever they visit, even for just a little while. To all of you who keeps showering my kids’ so much love and blessings, a mother’s eternally thankful heart! Now, you might wonder what I do with all the cash they receive not only from Christmas but also from birthdays and other occasions. Don’t worry because I’m a good steward and I don’t use them for my own shopping. In fact, all the money they receive, every single penny/peso is kept intact in a fund. Where can a parent use his/her kids’ cash gifts or aguinaldo (napamaskuhan)?

Use it to buy that expensive toy your kids have been wanting for so long but you cannot afford to buy by yourself. Examples: LEGO, Barbie’s dollhouse, huge toy cars, and other playsets.

Use it to reward their good grades in school. Use it to treat them in their favorite restaurant or theme parks. Spend it on something they want with your guidance as a parent of course.

Fund their hobbies. Buy them a good camera if they are into photography. Buy them art supplies if they are aspiring artists. Buy them a guitar, a piano or a violin if they are into music. Buy them a pair of good rubber shoes or sports equipment if they are into sports. Use it to enroll them in classes which they are interested in attending to. Fund their annual vacation/travel.

Save if for their future. Open a bank account in their names. Put it in trust funds. Invest it. Make it grow. Get them insurances or educational funds.

In our case, we put it in a mutual fund and not only that, we made a rule to double whatever they receive from these good people. We really try and although sometimes it gets delayed because it gets hard to raise an amount equal to what they receive, we do. I see nothing wrong spending their cash gifts for them. I think it’s wrong though to use it for parents’ personal use. However, if it cannot really be avoided or if the family requirement is too big, I guess it’s okay to borrow just make sure you will repay them. You see, our children’s cash gifts are only entrusted to us. It’s not ours! It’s our kids’ money.

 For now, my kids’ money is just saved and I’ll let them decide on where to spend them when they reach the right age. I do not decide on their usage. I can only guide my kids in spending them at the right time. I see their education, food, shelter, clothing and even toys as my sole responsibility as their parent. It’s not fair to count others’ gifts as discounts to my responsibilities. It is already a big blessing that I hardly buy my kids any clothes because they are already receiving too much, much from what they can actually wear.

Again, as parents let’s be responsible stewards of our kids’ money. It’s not our money. It’s not a cost replacement (pambawi sa nagastos) because costs of having kids are our responsibility. Thank you again to all who love my kids. Thank you Lord God for putting these wonderful and thoughtful people in our lives, our kids’ lives most especially. To all, advanced Merry Christmas!


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