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Gift Idea: Class Rings

Time flies so fast. Mid this year, I will already have a pre-schooler! A kid in school means new routines, lessons at night, projects, uniforms, school supplies and a huge cut in the budget. Good thing I have financially planned for my kids’ education way ahead this year or else I may get an electric shock for the skyrocketing school expenses. As a parent, I think it’s always wise to forecast the family’s financial requirements for the whole year. It’s a smart move to anticipate the cost of tuition fees, Holiday gifting, summer vacation, special occasions, graduation and other big events for a particular year. That way, we can prepare a more accurate and effective family budget.

Back in college, my girlfriends and I wanted so badly to buy a custom-made graduation ring. That was my idea actually. I used to always borrow my dad’s college ring when I was still a little girl. I remember his ring being so regal and and appropriate for someone who has accomplished a lot in life with much success and dignity. That was exactly why I wanted one for myself. Unfortunately, we were still pooritas (poor) at that time. My girlfriends and I could not even afford a decent graduation photo, much more a college ring. 

My love for jewelries is no secret in this blog, so if I were a teen graduating this year, I would definitely love to receive a class ring. To parents reading this post, if you have a child graduating from high school this year and if you want to give him/her a perfect sentimental gift, why not save-up as early as today for a graduation ring. Trust me, they’ll love it! They need not be a jewelry-lover like me to appreciate a ring – a ring which would be a symbol of their success in all their hard works in school. Yeah, those sleepless nights of studying, stressing over project deadlines and juggling assignments after assignments. Let them wear the pride of learning and earning an education.

To entice you further, see these lovely pieces of high school class rings – joyjewelers.com:

I am actually considering to buy one for me and my bestfriend! After all these years, I can finally afford one or two. Surely, I’d like to wear something which will remind me not only of my achievements but of my experiences as well. The perseverance, prayers and hard work I poured into my studies so as to give my parents joy, pride and a ticket to a better life. It will not just be a jewelry or a ring. It never was, in the first place. It will be a great reminder for anyone who’s wearing it that more important than we can dream, we can achieve those dreams. Everything is possible with God, right attitude and prompt action.

Convinced? I hope so! Few more months for you to save and score the perfect graduation ring for your child. Big proud moments like these do not just happen everyday or every year. Some occasions are just too special to let them pass without an exceptional token!


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