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♥ What I learned from Ms. Colombia, Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015) and Steve Harvey ♥

I first saw the video below in an Instagram post and then in Facebook. Then I let my husband watched it because it was the same perfect congeniality, sweet and world-peace scenario we had imagined or had hoped to happen during the historical Miss Universe 2015 crowning. However, truth is, it’s too good to be true and things like those seldom happen in reality. 

No one deserves that humiliation, that winning moment, that mistake! But all is done now so let the lessons of this historical event be learned, remembered and applied. Here is what I learned from this short clip:

1.) Life may throw at us anything it whims but we are given the power to turn them into our favor. Ms. Colombia could have earned so much love and respect had she voluntarily gave her crown to Ms. Philippines. She could have turned awkwardness, hostility and humiliation into beautiful forces such as love, respect and yeah, world peace.

2.) It’s not only about winning or losing, it’s also about how you are as a winner and as a loser. Not blaming Ms. Colombia here, she experienced an utterly difficult and not to mention insane situation. In a contest, however, there will always be title winners and non-title winners. We should always compete to win a title and win with utmost humility. Just the same, we should be ready to face defeat and be gracious at it. I don’t think she has accepted her loss until now. Her IG posts (crowning moments which Ms. Philippines had not experienced) and interviews suggest so.

3.) There are events in one’s life when we need to put our focus not on ourselves but on other people. That way, we’ll have a broader and better perspective of what’s going on around us. We are not the center of the universe. If we’re more sensitive and responsive to what others are feeling, we can make better choices and beat any adversities.

4.) Presence of mind. There are moments in life when we only have a split-second to make a decision and that decision will forever carry its effects on us and on others. Ms. Colombia may have acted otherwise if she had the necessary presence of mind in dealing with a difficult situation.

5.) All of us I think may have suffered at one point in our lives a losing moment, awkwardness, humiliation and shattered dreams. In these trying times, we can only look up to God and pray harder than ever. I sincerely wish that Ms. Colombia bounces back from this trial the soonest time with flying colors so that she can inspire people who suffer as she does. Maybe not from an exact fate but at least of similar gravity. I’m sure many others could identify themselves to her sufferings.

6.) We all make mistakes. Most of us have the guts and the character to own up to them and correct them the best way we know. However, accept that no matter how much you try to mend things, sometimes it will not go your way. Sometimes, sorry and correction are not enough. Don’t lose heart. Trust that God will heal all wounds in His perfect time. What’s important is you did your best and that you learned the lesson, albeit the hard way.

I couldn’t be prouder of Ms. Philippines, now Ms. Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach who is an epitome of grace and humility. I am officially a “Pianatic” not only because she is stunning and that she aced the Q&A and all other post-interviews but chiefly because of her very own inspiring story (three tries at Bb. Pilipinas before she qualified to compete in Ms. Universe!) and her attitude both in winning and losing. You go, girl! That’s the Filipina brain, beauty and spirit! Make the universe proud!

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