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♥ Travel Bliss: Panagbenga Festival 2016 Baguio City ♥

After an almost 2 travelless years, finally, my family and I have decided to end the drought and booked a trip to Baguio. It’s not a travel which requires leaving the island of Luzon nor riding an airplane but it’s enough to quench my thirst to wander off in an unfamiliar territory. Lo and behold our planned trip falls on Baguio’s blooming flower festival, Panagbenga 2016! I know that it occurs every February but only today that I found out it is a month-long event. Anyhow, the Panagbenga word is of Malayo-Polynesian origin which means “season of blooming“. 

A little history about me as a so-called traveler, when I was at the peak of my traveling days, I deliberately avoided festival dates. Odd me? Yeah, I know right! I wanted to experience the serenity of local life in a certain place. I have a strong dislike of getting lost in the crowd. After all, I leave the city in an attempt to hibernate, unplug and rest in a peaceful and quiet environment. I’d like to experience nature and localities at their common best! Same solitude would not be present if there were feasts happening. However, who am I not to want to experience the popular festivals in our country? They are in my bucket list too, albeit second priority. But, before I could even begin that journey, I was given blessings with responsibilities, aka children, so it had to stay at the back-burner of my priorities. Still, the little wanderer in me looks forward to the days of enjoying the scorching heat of the sun, being enamored by Philippine festival spirit in events such as Sinulog in Cebu, Dinagyang in Ilo-ilo, Masskara in Bacolod, Pamulinawen in Laoag, Pahiyas in Quezon, Ati-atihan in Aklan and of course, Panagbenga in Baguio.

I have been to Baguio three times and each of them was a different story. I’ll tell you about those next time. This coming trip to Baguio is no less special as well, primarily because we are going there with our children! Hooray to that! It’s a first time for both of them. I’ll follow up this post with my soon preparations for this 4-day trip. For now, here is the Panagbenga 2016 schedule of activities, in case you’d like to join me and my family. Make sure to say hi to us when we bump with each other, okay? For the official festival website, click here.

To tell you honestly, I’m uber excited with this roadtrip with the (almost) whole family. One reason is I’m with my children and second is, I need a breath of fresh air and be awed by nature again. It’s only January yet the weather in Manila is so hot already. Due to global warming, it’s been like summer all year long. I just hope we could still catch some cool winds in Baguio. Van rental, check. Place to stay at, check. Itinerary, check. Clothes, check. All I need to do now is devise a way to pack light and right for the four of us. Yikes! And ofcourse, save-up for pasalubong shopping and hard-to-refuse food tripping around Baguio City. If you’re from Baguio or if you have anything to add on our itinerary, please tell me. I’m very much open to suggestions. Will appreciate them, promise, especially those which would come from the locals.

See you Panagbenga!

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