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#HotelH2OFresh Campaign and FRESH Rewards Card Launch

Motherhood has taught me to muti-task or in last Friday’s case, muti-schedule. I took a half-day off from work to get an NBI Clearance, celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary, avail Cafe France’s 5-year anniversary blow-out and attend a blogger event at night. That’s hitting four birds with one stone, right? Well, my perfect schedule was almost ruined by traffic and the new NBI system (will tell you about this, next time).

Anyway, remember my post about my family’s Hotel H2O experience? They shared my story at Hotel H2O’s official facebook page. For that, thank you Hotel H2O for valuing your guests’ feedbacks and for being open-minded about our honest opinions. Also, they “freshly” invited me to the intimate Hotel H2O’s Annual Campaign and Rewards Card Launching which happened last January 15.
So, what’s this annual campaign and rewards card soft launch which I attended last Friday night despite the horrible traffic of the payday Friday? 


Hotel H2O Fresh, the first annual campaign of Hotel H2O for the 5 years it’s been operating in the hotel and tourism industry. Being a 5-year old hotel in a very competitive location in no less, Manila, Hotel H2O takes on modern and radical challenges in the industry where it belongs. They see the need for fresh ideas and programs to better serve their guests, especially the loyalists!. FRESH stands for its brand inspiration, the water, and new beginnings as they take serving their valued hotel guests to greater heights this year onwards.

Under their FRESH beginnings is the hotel’s much-anticipated presence in various social media platforms to better reach their stakeholders as they go more digital. Social media fans, followers and friends may get to win freebies and/or avail special discounts from time to time. Not only that, through their social media, one will no longer miss any promo announcements. So, what are you waiting for? Like their FB Page and follow them on twitter!

Hotel H2O, in its FRESH campaign, does not forget its social responsibility in taking care of the environment, the animal kingdom and the beautiful Manila Bay in particular. Wait, there’s more! It’s surprising and great to know that their CSR is not confined in Mother Nature. They are also bound and driven to give back this 2016 to the members of the communities, the elderly, the young and the sick through FRESH SHARECATION. Hotel H2O gives a fresh meaning and purpose to the word “staycation” as every staycation of hotel guests, the community and the environment will get a share of the promo revenue, hence the #sharecation. Isn’t it cool?


A major product of Hotel H2O’s Fresh campaign is well-intended for their valued loyal hotel guests, the FRESH REWARDS CARD which can be availed through their FREQUENT STAY PROGRAMME. It aims to encourage repeat business through a fresh pick of rewards. 


First stay – no rewards card yet but you will be included in their hotel guests records.

Second stay – eligibility to get the FRESH Rewards Card. Be surprised with a loyalty card, waiting in your room!

Third stay – the start of earning and accumulating rewards points.

Earn and accumulate rewards points as much as you want. The ways to redeem rewards can be seen on their social media accounts or you may ask their friendly customer service representatives at any time. Be alert, though, since they promise fresh picks of rewards from time to time! The FRESH Rewards Card also entitles the holder to various discounted services not only at Hotel H2O but also at Manila Ocean Park.

I’m glad to be one of the few bloggers who were invited by Hotel H2O for their annual campaign and rewards card launch. To be one of the firsts to know and announce their upcoming programs is my pleasure and is indeed exciting. It’s been years since I last attended a blogger event. My mommy duties have hindered me from staying out late and I usually shy away from invitations. This one is a good start to be visible again. I found myself wanting to attend this one, maybe because I have a soft spot for this hotel because my kids love it or I can identify myself in them. They are into #HotelH2OFresh campaign this 2016 while I am at a #CleanSlate2016. The hotel and I (my marriage actually) both celebrate our respective 5th anniversaries this year too! What a coincidence!? Well, you know what, attending the event was definitely worth it. 

Most attendants were late due to the awful traffic that Friday payday. Thankfully, Hotel H2O was thoughtful enough to serve us with very delicious cocktail dinner. I was not able to talk with other guests since I am one of the early-birds and I could not actually identify who are the guests and who are the organizers. The presentation was kept sweet and short. I had fun talking with the hotel’s marketing officers and account officers who patiently discussed with me their function rooms, bay view rooms and other best offers. 

What I truly enjoyed was the conversation I had with their General Manager, Ms. Lily Santos-Adrid who has been in the hotel industry for over a decade. She’s very nice and accommodating. We talked not only of the hotel but of other matters as well, like how much the hospitality industry have changed through the years, even about Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and many more. The rest I’d rather keep in to myself. It was an honor meeting and talking to her. It’s always nice to exchange stories and ideas with empowered and successful yet so humble women just like her.

Last but not the least are the freebies they thoughtfully included in our kits! Thank you so much. My kids will be happy to see the oceanarium once more while the mister and I could finally enjoy the musical fountain show which we missed because our kids were tired already the last time we were there. Also, apologies for the lack of event pictures. No excuse but yeah, that traffic consumed my phone’s battery! 

I personally recommend Hotel H2O especially now that they have the frequent stay rewards program to working parents/mommies who need to escape the mess and chaos of work and house chores, enjoy a restful night while giving their children the gift of vacation feel and adventure.

I wish Hotel H2O nothing but continued fresh success in all its endeavors this 2016 and beyond. Again, thank you for trusting me and making Blissful Thoughts part of your #HotelH2OFresh campaign and FRESH Rewards Card launch! Until next time, thank you!
Update: Below are the official photos posted on Hotel H2O’s Facebook Page

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