♥ Freelance Ghostwriting: The Sample Essay ♥

Below is one of my sample essays back from my ghostwriting days, wherein in 24 hours, I have to come up with a 500-word article about a topic they will give me. This one is about Facebook Page Management, something I was clueless about. Haha More about my freelance ghostwriting experience on my next post! 

In the meantime, what do you think of my article below? Papasa na ba or malabo na malabo pa? 🙂

Marketing at the Digital Age

Everything is going digital nowadays. TV, magazines and even advertisements have gone digital! If there are people who should be the happiest about the digital age, I believe they are the business-minded people —the single proprietors, the joint ventures and owners of SMEs. They all can and must capitalize all the digital platforms there are to advertise their products or services, to boost their sales, to increase their profit and expand their market reach. You need not go to Paris to check out what’s the best restaurant there. You need not go to guitar center san antonio to know what it offers. You need not go to Palawan just to find out what is the best beach there. All you need to do is search them on the Internet and the Internet will provide you with all the information you may need. That’s how powerful the digital age is.
The most popular social media platform there is, of course, is Facebook. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? According to statista.com, as of the second quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users. Wow! Truth is, what company does not have their own Facebook Page Management team? Most companies even pump funds to their Facebook Management programs, since the boom of Digital Marketing. Therefore, I suggest that if you have a business, no matter how big or small, exploit Facebook and create a Page for it. 
Now, to create a Facebook Page is easy but Facebook Page Management is another and different thing. Still, with Facebook being user-friendly and with a standard frame, Facebook Management shouldn’t be so difficult too. All you need is a little creativity, good interaction and ample time on-line. Manage your Facebook Page successfully with the following no non-sense tips:
Create a good profile picture and an even better cover photo. They should be something that will catch onlookers’ eyes and as much as possible be retained in their memory. If you’ve got good Page photos, the tendency is for people to remember and revisit your Page and there’s a great chance they pay your website a visit too.
Know your intended market/audience. When you know who’s your market or audience, it’ll be easier for you to mold your Page based on their profile. Every change, posts or update should revolve around your target market. Everything move in your Page should be with an intention to reach your target Facebook users. Manage your Facebook Page with your intended market in mind, always. 
Be interactive. Your followers will appreciate this and a dead Page is easily forgotten and unfollowed. By having interactions on your posts, you turn it into an active one, making it appear more often and on top of the Newsfeed. Part of Facebook Management is Page de-cluttering by removing irrelevant and spam posts and comments. Also, save your rants and other personal non-relevant posts for your personal account. These types of contents won’t look good or upscale your Page. 
Post in moderation and with relevance. Give it some time for people to reach your latest update before you post another one. Perhaps, give it around 2-3 hours (estimate time of exposure in the Newsfeed) and after that time, it’s okay to repost or create a new relevant and interesting post. Bear also in mind the peak hours when your target market or audience is most active in using Facebook. Study says that most people are online in the early morning, in the afternoon and at night before bedtime. If your target is offshore, consider also the difference in the time zone.
The Facebook Page Management tips stated above are no genius. I am not an expert but I believe every social media savvy will agree with me on these tips. Facebook Management may not be as easy as ABC but it can be fun if you know how to do it. Manage your Facebook Page properly and you’ll be one step ahead with your business. This is what I absolutely love about the digital age, the power and freedom we have in our hands to pursue our dreams, to help and inspire others as much as we can and to document and share right away observations and lessons we get along the way. Like what I just did!

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