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♥ Blogging for Ordinary People ♥

I have been blogging for the past six years and although my blog life had been on and off for the first four years, it became more regular towards the end part of 2014, when I decided to take blogging a notch higher. Even with hiatus, I could surely say that I’ve been around, long enough to notice the evolution of the blog-world/blogosphere. It has revolutionized from simple web diaries to a myriad of possibilities and opportunities. They have turned into specialty blogs – travel, food, parenthood, finance, informative, you name it, the blogs will have it! Most of the blogs I follow now are full blown businesses which have forged legitimate partnerships with big brands, working on exciting collaborations with fellow bloggers and have been brand ambassadors themselves (the bloggers). There is diversity in today’s blogs which I think is good for the bloggers and blog readers as well.

This metamorphosis and sophistication, if I may say, have left traditional bloggers like me in confusion. Us, who want nothing but to pour our hearts out every once in a while. I felt a little lost and left-out in the blog jungle. Yes, sometimes it feels like a jungle already. I tried to cope up with the changes but I think it’s impossible to ride with the tide if you’re like me who spends 10 hours in the office, 3 hours in commute and the rest of my time being devoted to house chores, my husband and kids. My day-time job undoubtedly takes up all my creative juices even if I work mostly with words and numbers. The rest of my energy has to be saved for my family.

Anyway, I just noticed that most of the bloggers I admire are those with almost celebrity statuses, if not truly celebrities. They are the ones who have already established their names in the blogging industry. They have teams for their blog sites. They spend on it because they earn from it. They have become digital influencers and being one has gained them the power to control and dictate the contents of their blogs. They hire professionals. They are business people. They look beautiful and glamorous in their photos, not an inch of flaw. They have neat and nicely shot images in their blogs. They sure look happy in their lives. They seem to be having the time of their lives. Do I envy them? Sometimes. Do I want to be like them? Maybe. But, the more important question for a blogger like me is, do I need to be like them in order to be a blogger? No, I don’t think so.

You know what I love about blogging? It welcomes everybody. You need not be an editor, a grammarian, a journalist or a writer. You need not have a known and established name before you can blog. All you need is a heart and some writing talent and you’re good to go. It’s open for ordinary people like you and me. We, who do not have nannies to help us with our children or the house chores. We, who slave ourselves in the corporate world, 10 hours a day, 5 times a week. We, who do not attend or get invited for that matter, in big social events. We, who do not live in exclusive subdivisions. We, who do not own expensive cars. We, who do not live with branded things. We, who do not live in ultimate comfort or luxury. We, who do not earn through blogging alone. We, who just love to write, tell a story, inform others, reminisce, impart a lesson and share an experience. We, the ordinary people can blog. It’s difficult to define or set parameters for the word “ordinary” but I trust that you guys know what I mean. 

I know that ordinary people like to look up and hook up with blogs which would offer them extraordinariness (myself included). That also explains why people (especially Filipinos) are fond of showbiz and celebrities. However, my stance to showcase in my blog the ordinary is an attempt to show everyone the authenticity of my life, of our lives. I’d like to show everyone that life is good and can be happy even without drama, fantasy and big events. It’s possible. Pure bliss can be in the simplest of things. Life need not be perfect or grand to be enjoyed. If people would realize that there are so many people living ordinary lives in extraordinary ways, then maybe, there will be fewer cases of depressions. Let my blog be an eye-opener. I’m no biggie in the blogging industry but this is what I love to do, this is what I enjoy doing, and so I do it even if it will fall short of today’s blog standards or norms. So guys, if you need a little dose of reality and authenticity, a time-out from heavenly prefect blogs, hop on here, where you’ll find ordinary stories and grammatical errors! hehe Kidding aside….

Therefore, be inspired by big influential bloggers, there is nothing wrong with that but never be intimidated nor be pressured by them or their blogs because the blogging world is a free world, and it’s constantly changing.

I want the blog industry to stay that way, free for all, no limitations only responsibilities, no rules but respect, no patterns, no molds to shape yourself up. Let it be as diverse and dynamic as it always should be. Blogging is one of the few things which do not need to conform to the patterns dictated by our superficial world. And, that’s what makes it an exceptionally exciting journey. Let us take back blogging not only from demanding brands but also from the molds the society is slowly shaping it to be.

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