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♥ Money Bliss: Real Estate Broker Services (One Down, Many More to Go) ♥

Finally, the results for the 2016 Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination had been announced late night of last Friday. Thankfully, I was among the 5,499 successful examinees out of the 9,749 takers. That was more than 50% passing rate. You know why this exam is special? Because in case you’ve missed it folks, the first batch of B.S. REM (Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management), a fairly new four-year college course will graduate this March and will be the sole eligible takers of the scheduled board exam coming this May. Following their schedule (PRC and PRBRES), we’re the last batch allowed to take the licensure exam without the pre-requisite B.S. REM.

Why Real Estate Service?

In case you are wondering why I took the exam, well, below are my reasons but the main reason why I was drawn into this is due to a personal circumstance. My husband likes to buy farm lands, however, we are most of the times clueless when it comes to titling, registration, documentations, fees, taxes and other real estate matters. I am an accountant pa ha! He had bought one parcel of land a long time ago (hehe), only to find out that what he had is only a provisional title, the original/mother title has not yet been reconstituted, that’s why. Worse is, the lot description was wrong! Ang nakakainis, accountable dapat yung nag-encode ng title but due to control in registration, bawal nang palitan. May point naman pero nakakainis pa rin. Anyways, here are my reasons for taking the Real Estate Broker Exam:

• Real Estate is a promising industry. In fact, many believe that this is where the money is.
•    In my observation, our country has a limited supply of people knowledgeable about Real Estate laws, rules and regulations. We have many salespersons, yes, but these people need brokers to close their deals. Sure, the big developers have their own sales teams but Real Estate is a vast industry. From the original buyer, there are still a lot of succeeding sales and transfers that can happen.
•    A perfect fallback career, in case I will have to resign or retire earlier than planned from my daytime job. An additional skill, competence and knowledge for me too. I can help you off-the-record with anything about Real Estate and at the same time, I can refer you to the right people, i.e. lawyers, consultants, appraisers and agents/salespersons.
•    I need not sell to earn. I need not hunt for buyers. That’s something I am not good at, you know, selling something. My plan is to help buyers find the right properties and sellers. If you’re a buyer or someone looking for a property to buy, I can surely help you.
•    I can support salespersons who were not able to pass the exam (yet). I have friends (group mates) who are practicing real estate services, but sadly, they failed the exam. In case they will need me, I’m open to partnerships.
•    I need a test-run in studying anew before I enroll into longer and more serious and expensive courses and this 3-month review/seminar is a perfect conditioning class.
•    It prepared me for greater things in life and brought back my confidence. I also met fantastic people, women for that matter, during this course.

The Review

I attended 120 hours of review classes at AIM-Conference Center in Makati every Saturday and some weekdays. At first, I was like thinking if I made the right decision, foregoing family time for this. When classes ended, I oddly missed it. I missed learning from formidable professors, engineers and lawyers. I missed reading hand-outs, answering practice exams and reviewing while in-transit, waiting and before bedtime. It lessened my idle time. It made me more productive and a better time manager. When the busiest days for my daytime job arrived, it tested my perseverance and challenged my brains cells – a familiar challenge I used to experience in school. It was a good relief from my usual office works. The discounted price of P18,000.00 for the review, taxi cost and meal cost are all worth it, not only because I passed the exam but because it was a great experience as a whole and it awakened the sleeping scholar in me, who is now much hunger for more learning.

What’s next?

Oh, there’s a lot of coming up next – the oath taking, then the indemnity insurance application and the PRC registration. The journey, really, had just begun. Sure, I want to earn and, at least, recover the money I invested but please allow me to take things slow.


Thank you to Mr. Agui, my hubby who pushed me not only to this but to pursue professional education and advancements. Thank you for encouraging me to go to class during the laziest days and for cheering me up when I’m starting to panic and doubt my decisions and capabilities. Thank you to my mom and sister for taking care of my little girl every Saturday. Thank you to my friend Uno for the tips and Madam R for the encouragement. Thank you to my new-found girlfriends for the support and understanding during the most worrisome times and for making those moments more bearable. And, of course, I’m very much grateful to God for this blessing. May I be able to follow where His light leads me, all the days of my life. To God be the glory!

Again, congratulations to all passers of the 2016 Real Estate Broker Exam. For the other 45%, I sincerely pray the same prayer I have now for the Appraisers’ exam, that the next exams will still be open for non-BSREM graduates like me.

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