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♥ Why Hire a Mommy? ♥

From FB Post
In our society, women, the young most especially, are fortunate to have equal opportunity when it comes to employment. However, as a woman grows older, this opportunity becomes less, and even lesser once she becomes a mother. I personally met prospective employers who had hesitations hiring me only because I already have kids. That is really sad and wrong! How can kids become liabilities instead of assets? Why undermine mothers’ capabilities just because she has chosen to continue humanity? To all the employers out there who worry about hiring mothers, please take the time to read and consider these strong points of having a mom in your workforce.
Mothers are good time managers. We value time like no other. We respect other people’s time as much as we want others to respect our own time as well. And, because we know the importance and scarcity of time, we have somehow managed to play it well. We use time to our advantage. We use it as efficiently as possible. We do not just beat deadlines, instead, we like being ahead of due dates. We do not have time for too much complaining, whining and drama. We only have time for real action.
When we say we’re sick, it’s because we’re truly sick, and truly sick means suffering from 38.8 fever or higher for three consecutive days. We, as much as possible would like to save our leave credits for emergencies or needs of our loved ones. Our leave credits are not ours alone. We share them with our husband, kids, nanny and sometimes, even with our parents. That may sound like a negative point but at least we know how to double our efforts and compensate our valid absences with quality work. Besides, we do not usually take a leave for monthly travels or vacations.
Our maternal instincts allow us to care for everyone else in the office. We can be the heart of an organization. We oftentimes stick to an organization unless we reached our limits. We are natural peacekeepers and we are tested to handle any stressful situation with grace. We know how to be patient and we know how to stay on top of every situation and not panic. We know how to understand and deal with difficult people, after all, what can be more difficult than dealing with tiny people who only know how to cry.
Although not recommended, we are good at multi-tasking and we have great memories too. We are good planners and we know how to score the best planners. We are organized people. The same organization we put in our own homes. We hate backlogs.  We work smart as much as we work hard. We hate rendering overtime so we devise a strategic plan on how to execute our tasks within the budgeted time. We know exactly where to channel our energy and efforts. Because of these, hiring us is a sound and economical business decision, no need for overtime pays because we get our jobs done during work hours.
We may prioritize our family but that does not make us any less of a dedicated, effective, efficient and competent employee. We are just as strong as others. We are after self-image and self-development. We work with utmost integrity and we strive to be better every day because we want to teach our children by leading a good example. We work because we love our work. We work because we have children to provide for. Also, we do not need to be motivated because we already  are. We get inspired as soon as we wake up in the morning.

Simply put, the answer to the question, Why hire a working mom? is, a big and bold,  Why not!?
Calling all the great and open-minded employers out there, please give equal chance to working moms. I know you will, but, for those who won’t, you do not know what you and your company are missing!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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