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Perfect Summer = Walk Under The Sun

Iba na ang summertime ngayon! Living in a tropical country, like the Philippines makes it possible for us to enjoy summer at the pristine beaches scattered all over the country. However, climate change has turned summer, a once exciting, only fun and highly anticipated season into a terrible and dangerous time of the year. The unforgiving scorching heat of the sun could cause skin problems like serious sunburns and the worst of which is skin cancer. We also have to look out for dehydration-related diseases and other cardiovascular illnesses such as strokes and heart attacks.

So, it’s important that we maintain our cool and stay hydrated at all times. You may check-out me and my family’s summer must-haves and must-dos below!
  • Summer is the time to bring out all cotton, breathable and light-colored apparels. Let’s do away for a while with dark-colored clothes as these add up to the heat our body absorbs.
  • Indulge in hydrating fruits. Perfect time to use your blender and turn your kitchen into a smoothie factory. To conserve energy, fill your refrigerators with ice packs. Not only you’d save electricity, you’ll also have ice supplies for milkshakes.
  • Watch out what you eat. There are food groups which produce more body heats than others. Consider low intake of spicy and chilly foods. Eat less pork and beef. Consume less alcohol too.
  • Ready those rechargeable fans. Imagine the hotness if ever there would be a sudden power interruption. My kids won’t be able to sleep well and so are we!
  • Bring portable battery-operated fans or the traditional fans wherever you go. You will never know when you would need one. It’s safe to keep one in your bag, always.
  • Aside from fans, you might as well keep a hanky or tissue handy to wipe your sweat away, cleanly. Wet tissue is proven to be a good temporary and instant relief from hot weather.
  • Make sure you are drinking enough water. No matter how busy your day is, pause and drink some water because the summer heat makes us sweat more. It may not always be obvious but it’s true.
  • Keep a cool and positive attitude. Because of the heat, people tend to immediately lose their minds and rationality when faced with a difficult situation. But, just like with everything else, MIND over MATTER.
  • If it’s inevitable for you to spend time under the sun, please do your skin and future self a small favor by applying sunscreens with appropriate SPF (35 or higher).

Gone are the days when everyone is excited and zealous over summer. Summer outings, summer fashion and summer crushes, all these are toppled by the fact that summer nowadays is a dangerous time. No one could and should endure the heat of Mr. Sun anymore, like the way we used to. It’s a sad reality. Let the intense summer heat remind everyone that we should all act now against climate change if we want the next generation to experience the true joy, magic, wonder and meaning of summer! Let’s ensure they’ll get the best summers for the years ahead.

PS: When I was younger, the thought of summer always makes me giggle. I mean, the swimming, the white outfits, the milkshakes and vacations. Right now, I dread the summer heat. Instead of enjoying the season, all I can think of is the time I spent CozyWinters in New Zealand. It falls just about this time too.  

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