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♥ Surprising My Children ♥

As a mom, I love surprising my kids, from their favorite donuts, longed-for toys to spontaneous themed park visits. I love to see over and over again some wide smiles, the twinkle in their eyes and simply, the delight in their spirits whenever I surprise them. Although I love surprising them from the smallest stuff to big ticket items and experiences, it does not mean it happens frequently. Well, I guess it won’t be much of a surprise if it happens almost always or expectedly, right?

I do not give my kids an everyday pasalubong. I decided not to raise them always expecting something when we get home. I still want them to appreciate more our presence rather than the presents we bring. You iknow what? It works. You should see (and I should video document) how happy my kids are when they see me entering the door. Such a precious joy in any parent’s heart. Weeks and even months can pass without me giving them anything aside from their usual groceries for meryenda.

During SALE, I buy toys as much as the budget affords. But, I do not give them all at once. Sometimes, I buy without them knowing. I hide/keep it muna. It’s a struggle for me but I have to do if for them. Also, I take advantage of the free gift wrapping service of the department stores. I love it when they get excited and curious as they open their no-occasion or just-because-i-love-you gifts from mom and dad. That way, they’d realize how special they are, that it was a gift and they should not be expecting toys every time we go to the mall. I usually tie giving gifts to their good behavior, small achievements, mommy and daddy way of saying thank you to them and our happy moments as a family.

The key in surprising kids is knowing not only what they like at the moment but also what they would potentially like in the future. For you to know that, you must know them really well. How? Spend quality time with them. Listen to their stories no matter how repetitive or long and winding they may be. I tell you, it greatly pays off. I also make sure that surprises vary. Not only toys but also books, pens, candies, anything which I think they would like. Thank goodness I have kids who are easy to please. Well, my boy is a little too hard to please. Maybe because he’s already turning 4. I also make sure that surprises vary in costs too. I like them to appreciate blessings no matter how little or expensive they may be.

It’s also nice to surprise them with experiences or adventures. We do picnics in our rooms or glamping. They love those activities. When it comes to big ticket items, I prefer printing teaser photos. I try to teach them early on about delayed gratification, looking forward into something and working towards a goal. I print images of their favorite hotel or themed park and I tell them that mom and dad have to work hard and we should all save so we could go back to those places. I could still surprise them later on as they do not know when exactly we are going.

Now, I’m the one getting excited for my surprise to them which would arrive next week. And, since they do not read my blog pa naman, I’d like to share you a nice #BlissfulFinds and #MamaPicks I learned from a colleague just today! I bought our family of 4 personalized juice bottles. I can’t wait for my kids’ reactions once they see their photos in the bottles. Sharing to you the bottle I made for myself.

Ang cool, diba!? Do you want one for yourself or do you want to surprise the BFF, BF, hubby or the kids? You can check B’lue website to create your own personalized bottles. There are 3 flavors to choose from and a few layouts for each flavor. Hurry up, this offer may not be for long! You only need to pay (COD) for the delivery, P79 for Metro Manila and P150 for outside MM.

Have a great week!

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