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I survived the month of June! Whew! I never thought that school adjustments would not be so easy.

First, I have to iron my son’s uniforms. Oh, you do not know how much I hate to iron clothes. That’s why I always buy clothes which do not require ironing. But now, I have to do this dreadful task for my son. Next is the saddest adjustment ever, less playtime at night. Depending on the number of his assignments which could be as much as 5, we should start doing his homework as soon as I arrive from work which is around 7:30 to 8PM. By 9PM, we should be in bed or else I’d be messing with their body clocks. You do not want that to happen to your children! If ever he’ll play, the light ones na lang, like drawing or reading or IPAD games. Also, no more date nights for me and hubby from Monday to Thursday, kasi nga the assignments. Sometimes, aside from assignments, we have to study for oral recitation pa for the next day. Imagine that! I have to think of a fun thing for the weekend too. Something more special for our bonding time because we’ve already devoted our weekday nights to studying. Last week, I brought out their tents and let them play with it. The best change I guess is that we get another topic to talk about. We get to talk about his school activities, his classmates, his muscians friend, his teachers and the food they serve for the day. Although as of now, my son still does not talk much about his activities in school. He only answers when I force or bribe him to. Any suggestion so I can have him talk more about his school day, mommies?

So far, I find the following a great help for this handful of school adjustments most especially to first-timers and working moms like me.

1. STICKER BOOKS are now my best friends! It’s easier and faster than browsing through old magazines and books to cut out images. Time-saver na, less mess pa!

2. STICKY NOTES help a lot. When I read the list of assignments in his diary, I immediately put a sticky note/marker on the pages we need to do. That way, I would not need to go back and reread over and over again his diary. It’s more organized that way.

3. SEPARATE SCHOOL SUPPLIES. When we do his assignments, I no longer bring out from his bag his pencils, eraser, colors and anything else. I just bring out the books and the notebooks. I have a box that contains the same supplies to be used for homework only. It ensures that for the next day, he has his school supplies intact in his bag. 
4. KEEP THE TOYS OUT. READY THE STUDY AREA. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I once tried helping him with his assignments with lots of toys scattered on the floor. I ended up scolding him for lack of attention. After that, it’s already a rule that before we study, all toys should be out of reach and out of sight. I also bought him a study table thinking it’ll give him the right study vibes.
5. EAT and REST before you teach. This one is especially for working moms. Hunger and fatigue make us more grumpy and short-tempered. So, breathe before you sit with your kid. It’ll be more productive, I promise. When I tried teaching my son straight from the office, so hungry and tired, I was so impatient and the time we spent studying was longer than when I teach him in a well-rested and well-fed condition.

6. REWARD SYSTEM. I still believe in the reward system. But, I do not think that rewards should be grand or expensive. A simple thing which can bring delight to your kids is already considered as a reward. My kids love candies especially POTCHI. Sometimes, I give them a tight kiss and embrace as rewards too. Hehe.
7. REWARD YOURSELF. I’m a proud kid-at-heart. Sometimes I try to hide it for I fear people’s judgment. But now, what the heck, as long as I’m harming no one and is a responsible person, I let myself be as “shallow” or simple as the little children. Honestly, motherhood has taught me that kids, generally have better insights than most adults. If my kids’ rewards are candies and hugs and kisses from mommy, mine are sweet kiss and embrace from my husband and a dozen of my all-time favorite premium quality chocolate fudge, WHAMMO’S! Yes, it’s back and I’m thrilled. After a couple of weeks of waiting, finally, the 7-11 near us re-stocked and we hoarded, of course.

8. ASK FOR HELP. If all else fail and if you thought of asking for help, then do so. We should nor be ashamed of asking for help. There are a lot of teachers offering tutorial services for just an extra fee. Ask how other moms do it but please, do not pressure yourself. Just get what’s positive and useful for you. Search the internet for studying tips and download free materials.
I hope these tips help! I will update as I and my children go along with this yet another beautiful journey of learning. It’s definitely an entirely different situation that my parenting style needs to adapt to. It is another opportunity to teach, discipline and learn new things about my son. It’s another test of a mother’s patience.
If you have your own mommy-tested tips and suggestions, please share in the comments below for everyone to see and read. Let’s make parenting closer to bliss for all! For now, all I can say is, bring it on July!

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