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♥ #MommyConfession Natural Vitamin C for (my) Toddlers ♥

I just want to share our story on how we significantly lessen our son’s respiratory infections which used to require him to take antibiotics pretty much every single time he gets the common cold and cough. 

The rainy season has arrived and with it comes the inevitable viral and respiratory infections. Thus, it’s important that we keep ourselves and our loved ones especially the kids, protected at all times. We should be extra mindful of their immune system. Why are cough and cold more common during the rainy season, you may ask. Well, according to my children’s pediatrician, Dra. A, it’s because air humidity is higher at this time of the year. The higher the humidity, the more droplets or water vapor  are present in the air which cradle and breed viruses. These viruses cause infections and diseases and most of the time they affect our respiratory system.

Still, according to Dra. A, viral infections do not have specific cures, you just treat their irritating symptoms. Typically, they should be gone in 7 to 14 days. If a cough or cold does not go away on its own in 14 days and if it starts worsening (i.e. causes fever, produces green or dark colored phlegm, difficulty in breathing, joint and body pains, fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite), it has most probably caused secondary bacterial infections. These bacterial infections need to be treated with medicines, kaya hello antibiotics! And, as we all know the danger of antibiotic treatment is that our natural disease-fighting antibodies develop resistance to it and it sometimes damages the good bacteria in our bodies too.

Now, the MOMMY CONFESSION. For more than 2 years, my son Jonath had been treated with antibiotics for 15 times, at least! It is because he used to get a respiratory infection every other month. His viral infections were so stubborn and loved to turn themselves into full blast bacterial infections. We had no choice but to resort to antibiotics because not killing the bacteria might expose him to more serious diseases should the bacterial infection spreads somewhere else in his system. We have tried every single Vitamin C there is but he still got sick every two months, consistently, without fail. I was so upset and started blaming myself for not breastfeeding him. We have also tried changing his milk for many times. Still, he got sick. My husband and I became so worried about this cycle and our son’s early exposure to antibiotics. Aside from developing drug resistance, we were also fearful for his kidneys. After two years, I considered bringing him to a specialist, a pulmonologist. But, a friend’s experience with a pulmonologist frightened and discouraged me. The pulmonologist required them to change her daughter’s pillowcases, bed sheets and curtains EVERYhellishDAY! That is on top of all the food and activity restrictions. I found it hard to impose that lifestyle on my son and my family.

Then, what a luck, I decided to try an alternative Vitamin C, a home-made and natural one. The OTC Vitamin C did not seem to work well with him anyway, so, I figured, there was nothing much to lose if we try alternatives. This mix was suggested to me by my OB when I was pregnant with baby no. 2. I googled it and discovered a high satisfactory rating. It is fair to say that it is greatly recommended by many, mommies, doctors and herbalists alike. What is this mix? Simple, HONEY and LEMON!

This one is a variation I take when I have a sore throat.
A bottle I bought: honey+lemon+ginger+turmeric+applecidervinegar+garlic.

HONEY and LEMON combined works well for my children. They were so hiyang, I could not be happier! Actually, I feel bad that I have delayed this blog post for so long. Sorry! Before, my son gets cold and cough every other month and they would surely evolve into conditions  requiring antibiotic drugs but since we gave him HONEY and LEMON, he rarely gets sick na. And, if ever he catches some old virus again, all I need to do is double the dose and it would be gone on its own. Something which never happened before. Galing! Also, it is just as effective for adults like me. Truly, honey and lemon are heaven sent!

Disclaimer lang guys ha, I am not a doctor. The HONEY and LEMON is not meant to replace any medicine, should you need one. It’s just another source of vitamins and nutrients. It’s just that, if you want to seriously try an alternative natural source of Vitamin C, here’s a mix which actually works for us. Also, always consult your doctor. Baka mamaya allergic kayo. 🙂

DOSAGE: 5ml every day

Manuka Honey, they say is the best!
Straight from NZ, though it is creamed. We have yet to try.

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