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♥ Do Not Worry, Be Happy ♥

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Today, I keep on pondering about Matthew 6:34: “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Yes, I am worried about something right now. It’s been bugging my mind the past couple of days. Hence, my absence from blogging. But today, I woke up feeling better. I tried to focus on God’s words. It’s a miracle how you stumble upon a verse or bible story which is exactly just what you need at that very moment. Like me, chancing upon Matthew 6:34 while I was browsing my Life Verses notebook, after such a long time. So, I set my worries aside and decided to live on with the present moment.

Isn’t it amazing or rather annoying how quickly we worry about almost everything? The worry culture, yes, that is. It’s so hard to die, right? When I was younger, a graded oral recitation, a live performance or sports activity is enough to turn me into a worry rat. As I grew up, I thought that worrying would become less of my favorite habits. They just grew worse. I worry about my finances, my job, my clothes, my physical appearance among others! Now that I’m a wife and a mom, I worry less about myself but became a worry freak when it comes to my children. A hundred times over I contemplated on leaving my job and just be a full-time stay-at-home mommy. I worry about the moments I miss with them, milestone or not and I worry about their general welfare too.

Maybe, to worry is an innate human characteristic. A natural vulnerability. It is part of who we are and a part of life. I like to think that worry was born the time Eve decided to eat from the forbidden tree, along with the other side effects of the original sin. But, God understands and loves us very compassionately. That’s why Jesus Christ speaks of about this and tells us to calm down and not to worry about tomorrow.

It’s true, as I realize, everything shall pass, including adversaries and circumstances. God who took care of us yesterday, who keeps us for today would still be the same God who will take care of us tomorrow. He is beyond permanent.

Okay, God’s words absolutely help for me to get out of the worry pit which I made for myself to fit into. But, I need to act on these words. What did I do to pull myself out of the pit? Read on.
I entertain myself, purposely. I downloaded free e-books and read The Breaking Dawn for the first time. I know, I’m really late when it comes to spot-trending, except for stocks. I don’t give in to the hype. I’d rather watch a film or a series (like Prison Break) when all the hype have died down. Reading helps a lot, especially at night when worrying is more likely to occur. I read and find myself sleeping in less than an hour.
I go active. I resumed doing my sit-ups. I played harder with my children. I do lots of breathing exercises, to my kids’ amazement. I stretch my muscles whenever I can.
I sing and listen to music. After all, it has been time and again proven to provide some sort of calming effects. Damien Rice and Coldplay it is!
I breathe in good vibes by breathing in lots of pleasant smell. I have this belief that if you smell something nice, you will feel nice almost automatically. I put a rich lather of my favorite Victoria’s Secret Hand and Body Cream after a bath. I ditched my old bar soap for now and replaced it with my favorite Olive Shower Gel. Strawberry scents are my second favorite.
I write, well, I blog! Only, it took me quite long to open my blog. Sorry. You see, writing is very special to me. I need to be inspired when I write. I only write when my brain has a burst of an idea and of beautiful things. I rarely write when I feel down, which I think is good for you and for me too. Good for you because I’m sure you have your own problems to be concerned about and the last thing you need from a blog is another well of negative vibes. Good for me because I won’t be losing readers who naturally and understandably keep away from negative thoughts and I won’t be attracting negativity from others too. After all, this blog is supposed to be a collection of nothing short of blissful thoughts!
When I’m feeling better, I talk about it with my trusted ones and see if I’m missing the bigger picture, a brighter spot and a different perspective. Talking about it lessens my burden too and helps me become more rational on my decisions and analysis.
Last but not the least, I pray harder. What else can we do, right? When we feel that we’ve already done everything in our power, surrender. Just surrender it all to God. God loves us and because of that perfect love, He takes care of everything about us. When you have faith that God loves and takes care of you, how else could you worry about life?
Now that I’ve shared my turn-around strategy when it comes to worrying, I feel a whole lot better. My problem situation is not over yet but I believe that everything will work not just fine but perfectly because it will be God’s will, as always and forever.
Have a worry-free weekend! Let’s make life closer to bliss for all.

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