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♥ Top Favorite Beauty Products of a Self-Proclaimed Low-Maintenance Woman ♥

(upper L-R) Etude House’s Dream Girls Oil-control Powder
Tiny Bud’s Baby Rice Powder
Nivea Sun Protect
St. Ives Blemish Control Green tea Cleanser
IN2IT BB Cream
Rare Philippine Cockatoo (bird display)
(lower L-R) Happy Skin’s Lip and Cheek Tint
Clinique’s Lipstick
Ilog Maria Mint Beeswax Lip Balm
Beauty Bar’s Rice Powder
Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Balm
*all products are used and abused even 🙂

Proceed with caution, please: I am not a beauty blogger, not in my wildest dreams. It is not my passion either, but the girl in me just wants this beautification stuff from time to time. Also, I am too camera-shy for that (FYI, I hate close-up shots and I cringe at the idea of pictorials. The last time I posed solo in front of cameras, I almost fainted and that was during my wedding photoshoot). Truth is, I have twice rejected an offer to participate in a beauty experiment which required me posting my close-up pictures. Haha My skin is too flawed as well! Although I am lucky enough not to have suffered any serious acne problems, not even during my puberty years, I do suffer from facial tags, large pores, uneven skin tone and dry skin which easily gets oily once I apply make-up. As for the skin tags, I read an article which claims that apple cider vinegar might do the magic but that, I have yet to try. I will share with you the results once I finished doing the beauty experiment. Oh, and if you are someone who’ve done it already, please share your thoughts with me.

For now, I want to share my top favorite beauty products ever since I became a mom including the reasons why I love them so much. Actually, I was never very passionate about wearing make-up. Occasionally, I do need a fully made-up face, like when I’m attending formal functions such as a wedding. I also need a little color from time to time in the office especially when I have meetings to attend at and when the mister and I have a rare date, I see to it that I put a little tint on my cheeks and lips and put a little shadow under/over my eyes. Then a light make-up, a tinted lip balm and oil-control powder will do if I’m out with the kids so that I won’t look pale nor my tiredness will show up in pictures. When I’m just spending the day at home, it’s definitely going to be a no make-up day, to allow my skin to breathe. Those are my make-up schedule or habits, whatever you want to call it. Now, let’s go to the products I love!

1. ETUDE HOUSE’s Dream Girls Oil Control Powder. I find this perfect during playdates with kids. It’s just a white powder which can control the oil production of my face. Any mommy can relate to this, whenever I retouch my face or put on powder, my daughter rushes to my side and wants to apply some on her face too. And, since this is a product for young girls, I let my daughter play with it. Plus, it is so compact too, I can easily stash it in my pocket.

2. BEAUTY BAR’s Rice Powder. This is my everyday face powder / foundation when going out. To date, I have not yet found a pressed powder or a foundation which would not cause me either pimple breakouts or super oily face. This Rice Powder does such a wonderful coverage and oil-control to my face. But, since it is a loose powder, applying it could be a little messy so make sure your clothes are covered.

3. IN2IT’s BB Cream. Aside from Maybelline’s which I used to love until I had a breakout, this is one BB Cream which does not make my face oily. I think that’s my very first consideration when picking a beauty product. They must not at all cost make my skin oily because once oil is present, pimples are more likely to occur and re-application becomes a necessity. I hate doing retouch every so often.

4. NIVEA’s Sun Protect with SPF 35 or 50 with Collagen.
This is another wonderful product. Needless to say, it does not give me any oil problem. Aside from effectively shielding my skin from the harmful sun and free radicals, it also provides a good matte finish before I apply my BB Cream. The collagen also seems to help a bit in tightening my skin.

5. ILOG MARIA’s Honey Mint Beeswax Lip Balm.
I use this twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. But, I would highly recommend its nightly use. It seems to repair and rehydrate my lips overnight. I never had chopped lips ever since I use this product. However, I do not use it during the day because one it’s too oily-looking for the lips and two, it does not have the slightest tint.

6. BODY SHOP’s Strawberry Lip Balm. This is my kind of a lip balm during the day. It has a slight red tint and does not look too oily. It’s good as a base for a lipstick and it’s good on its own too when I like to go light and just want to avoid having dry lips.

7. CLINIQUE’s Lipstick.
I never thought that brand (and price) would make such a huge difference when it comes to lipsticks. This one stays for hours! It glides smoothly and evenly without much effort on my part, a novice when it comes to make-up. And, the most important thing, it does not dry my lips. It does not cause cracks! What a love! I have tried so many lipsticks and this is by far the best. All of those lipsticks I only gave away or let expired on my drawer because they are not just so good to use. So, this is still a good buy if I consider all those lipsticks which I have not used up. Only, I’m stuck with this color for quite some time. If there’d be a cheaper version, I’d gladly want to have my hands on them. Let me know.

8. St. IVES Blemish Control Green Tea Cleanser. This one dries up my skin a little. But, it also quickly dries up a pimple. This is I think the main reason why I have a clear and oil-free (no pimple) face. However, this is also the culprit for my dry lips which require me to use the Beeswax Lip Balm. This is not recommended for daily use. See the labels. Personally, I recommend this for a nightly use during weekdays, to thoroughly clean your face from all the day’s dirt. But, I am so stubborn I use it even on weekends and also in the morning so I end up having dry skin. I would have to pick a milder facial cleanser for morning and weekend use.

9. HAPPY SKIN’s Cheek and Lip Tint. I love 2 in 1 products. It saves me space which is crucial when I have my kids with me and when a big bag is deemed impractical or inappropriate. At any day, I could go anywhere with only this (and powder). If not for my Clinique lipstick discovery, this will still be my favorite go-to product for the lips and cheeks. It’s so easy to apply and it has nice colors too. My only problem with this product is its inconsistency. I do not know if I’m supposed to shake it before use. It’s not in the instruction. I actually have four variants and some glide and stay better than the others. I’m sticking to what works for me but it’s really hard to resist trying other colors.

10. TINY BUD’s Baby Rice Powder. This is my and my kids’ everyday powder, both for the face and body. I have stopped using talc powder 5 years ago when I suddenly developed an allergic rhinitis which was sadly inherited by my son. I find this rice powder perfect for temporary relief from the heat and for oil-control purposes. It gently makes me and my kids fresh any time of the day.

That’s it! I realized two things while doing this post. One is I need a good skin moisturizer. I have tried a couple of products but the ones that were really good were not so nice to the budget. Any suggestions? I also need a better way to exfoliate to get rid of my dead skin cells and to minimize my pores. Twice a week, I scrub my face with St. Ives but I am willing to try other products for a possibility of better results.

Another thing which I realized is that I am not such a low-maintenance girl (as I claimed to be!), after all. Well, I still behind other girls when it comes to make-up or skin regimen department but I can’t deny that I’m using and depending on so much beauty products also, which I think is not bad as long as we know the real essence of beauty, a beauty that radiates from the inside! 

P.S. SALUTE TO ALL BEAUTY BLOGGERS who dare to experiment on their skin and brave and honest enough to show us the results, mainly to help us make a better decision before buying a product. 🙂

Have a blissful weekend!

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