Blissful Marriage

Gadgets for Movie Lovers with Kids

When it comes to movies, my husband and I are 100% compatible. It’s one interest we honestly, gladly and totally share with each other. As GF and BF, we would spend nights (over calls and text) discussing movies and days reading reviews, ratings and goofs! We’re on the same wavelength when it comes to movies. We would happily and carefully plan our movie dates on a monthly basis. Despite being film-lovers, we do not think that all movies are worth watching in the cinemas. But, there are movies one should not miss watching in the big screen. Well, that’s just us. When we get married, the passion has doubled and watching movies has become part of our lifestyle. No day had passed without us watching a movie/DVD. A movie before we sleep has become our routine, some sort of a daily vitamin. When we were still a childless couple, we could finish 3 to 4 movies in a day during weekends! I cannot really tell how we managed that while we finish all the house chores and still have time for worship and shopping.

Personally, I like watching movies because…

  1. It momentarily takes me out of “my reality”. A 2-hour mental and emotional escape are sometimes needed to keep our sanity.
  2. From movies, I can pick up a lot of life lessons. We do not need to experience everything first-hand. We do not need to do every mistake there is for us to learn, right? We can learn from others’ experiences and mistakes too.
  3. It allows me to dream. It livens up my fantasies. It gives me creative juices and nurtures my imagination.
  4. It allows me to be critical. Sometimes, after watching a movie, I find myself in a meaningful and deep conversation with my husband. We talk about the actors, cinematography, script, plot, facts and goofs! Now, those discussions I find mentally stimulating and help me be keen on details.

Things have of course changed when we became parents of two gorgeous kids. A welcome change I must say, though it never diminished our passion for movies. We still seize any and every opportunity to watch a movie. Watching a movie, at least of our taste has undeniably become a challenge, if not a luxury. Some nights, no matter how much we wanted to finish a film of our choice, our eyes would just betray us and force us into a deep slumber. Don’t be sad for us because we still get to watch movies, the like of Frozen and Chronicles of Narnia. Hehe We even watch them several times in a day. Hehe Thankfully, my husband being a movie nuts himself has found us gadgets for movie-watching all through these parenting years.

First, he bought us a portable DVD player. Since we are co-sleeping with our kids, every time we attempt to watch a movie, we get worried of disrupting our kids’ sleep. The portable DVD player has allowed us to enjoy movies without having to worry about the TV light and sounds awakening the kids. More than that, it has allowed us to watch movies/DVDs offline and on the go, in transit or in travel. However, most of our movies now are stored in hard disks. We’ve slowed down in buying DVDs, primarily because of storage issues. The mister buys DVDs of movies which he really liked after the he had watched them. So, now, the portable DVD players are my children’s new favorite toys/entertainers. They can watch Frozen, Peter Pan, Barney and Jollibee all they want. But, once the battery is out, screen time is up too. A full battery is good for one full movie, so, for the kids, I thought it’s perfect. It’s like having a timer for their screen time.

Then, just a month ago, he gave me a 3D movie viewer and he downloaded our phone’s micro SDs with 3D movies! It was so easy to watch movies using this viewer. I could just lie down, plug headsets to my ears and enjoy a good 3D movie. The downside is that it’s good for one person to use only. So, we don’t get to watch together or bond over a movie. Don’t get me wrong. We’re not a package deal. We still have different preferences in movies and we have common interests too. But, isn’t it better to watch a movie with someone as film geek as you are, more so if it happens to be your love?  Whenever I’m on at it (3D viewer) I miss my movie-buddy hubby and the intelligent and silly conversations we could have had about the film. That’s why I seldom use this 3D movie viewer nowadays. It is way more comfortable and enjoyable to share a movie with my love (while hugging or lying on his belly, yes). Still, it’s a great aid in watching movies especially those which are best viewed in their 3D versions and when the hubby is away/out-of-town, especially.

The latest my husband bought are Philips Bluetooth Headsets. At first, I was unsure how it’d work and why is he so excited to show it to me. I thought it was just another typical headset my kids would play on. In a few weeks or with any luck, after a few months, it’s going to be another e-junk, I thought to myself. Hehe But, when he demo it to me, oh boy, I was so delighted! Immediately, I scheduled Insidious 3 for that night. You see, these wonderful headsets allow us to watch movies in full volume only us could hear. Since it has Bluetooth, it works wirelessly. We don’t have to connect jacks on the TV aside from the transmitter. It is rechargeable too! My kids are no longer bothered by the TV light especially when I turn off the night lamps. But, they are bothered by the sounds. And, without a proper sound system, movie sounds can be uneven. Sometimes the actors whisper and you can’t hear a thing they say. The next second, there’s a loud bang! With this headsets, no more worries. Also, the mister has found a solution on how each of us can use a headset at the same time with just one transmitter connected to the TV. Today, these are our favorite movie aids!

I guess it is true that necessity is the mother of invention. These gadgets have helped us cope up with parenthood by allowing us to continue to do what we enjoy the most, and that is watching movies. And, I have my husband to thank for all these blissful finds. Sometimes, I nag him for buying too many knick knacks which in my opinion we do not need. But, I always forget to praise and appreciate him for his unique, useful and affordable finds, except for the portable vacuum cleaner he gave me, I kissed him for that! Each of these do not cost more than P2,000 pesos. I hope next time he buys me a pro-ject debut iiiIt’s almost always easy to criticize rather than to appreciate. So, assignment ladies, tonight, let’s show our love and appreciation for our husbands.
Almost Friday, yeah! I hope to catch up on some movies aside from Disney’s this weekend! 😉

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