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Kid-safe Products My Children Love to Use

If there are products which mommy (that’s me!) favors so much, there are also products which are approved by my children. As a mom, it’s my duty to make sure that the products they use on their skin are all kid-friendly. Okay, now, when do we say that a product is totally safe for our children to use on their delicate skin? Let us do a quick recap. Products should be good for your children if they are:
  1. Non-toxic
  2. Mild
  3. Made for Babies/Kids
  4. No harsh chemicals
  5. SLS Free / Paraben Free
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. Alcohol-free
  8. Deet-free (for insect repellants)
  9. All-natural and/or Organic
  10. Fragrance-free or mildly scented
  11. Talc-free (for powder)
  12. Eco-friendly
  13. No preservatives 
  14. No colorants
  15. Non-petroleum

These are just some of the labels that I know of from my own experience as a mom and from a little research in google. Aside from labels, manufacturers and marketers have made it easier nowadays for consumers to spot right on products for a certain age group, infants, babies and kids included by branding a special line of products for them rather than making them all generic under one brand.

Moving on, below are the products which I use for my kids. And, they love them. Sometimes, no, oftentimes they apply them themselves.

Tiny Buds’ Rice Baby Powder is the powder I enjoy sharing with my kids. Five years ago when I developed an allergic rhinitis, I stopped using talc powder. Thankfully, Tiny Buds has reintroduced rice powder in the market which is talc-free. It is perfect for people with allergies and for kids too who might develop one when they use talc powder. My kids’ pediatrician does not really recommend the use of powder although she is not all-out against it either. But, blame the years of tradition and the cute TV commercials, Lolas or grannies still love using powder on children, especially when they are sweaty and starts to itch and rash. With this product, I do not have to contradict the Lolas anymore! The kids happily play with this too especially Claret who likes to put some on her face while in front of a mirror. Jonath on the other hand just wants the powder in his hands, pretending they are snowflakes.

Tiny Buds’ Natural Hand Sanitizers are made from Fruit Alcohol. It effectively removes germs and bacteria on kids’ delicate hands. It’s a must whenever we go out and the availability of a clean restroom is not guaranteed. Besides, when you are out, it’s impossible to always make a trip to the restroom just to wash hands. If the sanitizers can do the job then let them! It is non-drying and non-sticky too that is why I use it for myself as well. The best thing I like about this is that it is food-safe, meaning, it is safe for the kids to put their hands in the mouth or use their hands to eat or pick food after use. I used to stress about my husband’s concern whenever I let my kids eat on their hands after applying alcohol. With this food-safe sanitizer, mommy-problem solved! Thank you, Tiny Buds! Today, my kids are the one who ask me to spray this in their both hands before they eat especially when they would use their bare hands. I’m happy that they’ve become hygienic because of this, asking me to spray their hands whenever they touch something dirty.

Echo Store’s Body Basics Insect Repellant contains natural oils that repel insects. It’s available in Lemongrass, Citronella and Eucalyptus. Citronella is best-known for repelling insects away but I and my kids have fallen in love with the Eucalyptus scent especially at night. For some reason, it helps us fall asleep and stay in slumber all through the night. It also helps with my son’s allergy/cold at nighttime. The best thing I like about this compared to other insect repellants is that it doesn’t get sticky once applied. Para ka lang naglagay ng mabangong alcohol! It’s not oily too. Will update this regarding the lasting effect once I use it at daytime. Usually kasi at night eh, kaya tulog na ako.

Human Heart Nature’s Soothing Balm is a 100% natural mint balm which has the power to soothe, calm and relax our bodies. It is an infusion of peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot which help relieve stress, mental-fatigue, dizziness, body aches and skin redness. I use Vicks Vaporub on my children. I generously rub it on their feet, chest and back whenever they have cold symptoms. But, I could not let them use Vicks on their own. So, I searched for a similar product which is kid-friendlier and this soothing balm is what I found. In cases of only mild cold symptoms, I use this instead of Vicks. I hate being too dependent on one product because I’m afraid they’d become immune to them and then the product won’t work anymore. Now, I can peacefully let my children enjoy all of nature’s soothing goodness!

Human Heart Nature’s Rescue Balm is a 100% natural healing balm that contains tea-tree which has inherent anti-bacterial properties and lavender which is traditionally known to help speed up the healing process for cuts, scrapes or scratches and help relieve pain and swelling. My kids, I don’t know what’s in their blood but they are insect magnets as compared to their other cousins. Sometimes, they get insect bites inside their pajamas. No other gets bitten but them. Poor they. I have several ointments which I use on their insect bites but my favorites are the antibacterial ointment from Ilog Maria which is made of Honey Beeswax and Human Heart Nature’s Rescue Balm. They are effective first-aids for nicks and bumps caused by hyperactivity and insects! A thin layer would go a long way. Just like the soothing balm, I do let them apply this on their own, to somehow teach them on being responsible for their own bodies. The fact that I let them treat their own wounds is enough for them to flash those sweet cute smiles. More often than not, kids are like that, diba? They want to do things on their own. And, as moms preparing them for the big brat world, we should as much a possible let them do and learn things on their own. 
I have to confess something mommies. I do have the great tendency to become a helicopter mom, or close to it, the slate raven level. After helicoptering, I’d sadly realized I’m not teaching my kids any good. I should be encouraging them and teaching them, not letting them depend on me too much to the point that they’d be so used to it (depending on me) that they won’t grow and be independent anymore. Sabi nga nila sa akin, h’wag akong saway nang saway. I should let them explore things. Thank you for these products, somehow I feel like I’m finally doing something right by letting them do and enjoy simple things on their own.

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