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♥ Earliest Signs of Pregnancy From a Mom of 3 ♥

My super cravings so far, Paella! (Pinaglilihihan)
Before any woman’s amazing journey to motherhood starts, there’s a 9-month period of preparation where we get to carry and care for the little miracle first inside our womb. So, how did I know I was pregnant?
  •        Missed Period
  •        Cramps Without Menstruation (Implantation Cramps)
  •        Slight Bleed. A tint of pink or brown (Implantation Bleeding)
  •        Lightheadedness.
  •        Hard abdomen. (I swear I could feel mine hardened right after the implantation.)
  •        Sleepiness. That’s the time to take a pregnancy test!

So, why the sudden post about early signs of pregnancy? Hehe Well, in case you’ve missed it in the title, I am upgrading my motherhood to three babies. I am weeks pregnant, as we now speak. I was supposed to do the big reveal along with a birthday post for my dear husband. However, a lot of things/happening got in the way. There was no birthday post and I’d become clueless on how to share this milestone.

For some reason, during my husband’s birthday, we literally had no money, at least in our hands, pockets and wallets. We had of course money deposited in the bank but neither of us is willing to touch it (especially him) to splurge on his birthday. Parental instincts, I guess. Our subconscious is preparing for the newest addition to our family as much as our conscious selves. I thank his friends though for throwing him a simple celebration in the office. We’ll make it up to you all this Christmas if baby no. 3 would cooperate on my shopping plans!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, guys. Don’t worry. I do not plan to go into another pregnancy hiatus, the way I did with my previous two. I’m finishing my posts about motherhood as my purpose in life, dilemma on whether I’d quit my daytime job after birth and the lessons that come with three children. Yes, as early as now I’ve come up with realizations already. So, stay tuned!

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