Blissful Kids

♥ Blissful Kids at Kidzoona ♥

I have been off the radar again for a while and my draft posts/topics just keep on lining up. All because all the first-trimester pregnancy symptoms have surfaced now that I’m in my second-trimester. But, no worries, I’m positive I can catch up soon, especially once I made one HUGE life-changing decision in the days to come. For now, who are excited for the coming long weekend/Halloween holiday? I am! As in, super excited! But, before I tell you why or what really excites me, I want to share with you all Jonath’s very first school-sponsored Halloween party look. It was before the sem-break. He did not bag the Best in Costume, though. So, what do you think of his scary look? Still cute, right?
The cutest skeleton!

Would you be scared with him?
By the way, October is also the birth month of Jonath. This year we did not give him a party of any scale. We decided to spend time with him and Claret in a playroom. Thankfully, the Aeon Fantasy Group has opened its second largest branch (1063 sqm) of Kidzoona at SM City San Lazaro and oh boy, we all had fun. Jonath was so delighted with the big ball pools with slides while Clareth was so busy with pretend play areas. I had fun too because for the very first time it was not so stressful keeping an eye on them playing on their own or with other kids. Want proof of the fun? See their photos below. Tell me they did not enjoy!
Clareth enjoying the smaller pool ball all by herself!

The birthday boy already exhausted with the pool of balls!

Ice cream, anyone?

This is where he spent most of his time!

Burger, perhaps?

“Ooops, I slipped but no worries, mommy!”

“Slide or dive?” – birthday boy
Surely, that would not be our last time there. As a matter of fact, my kids keep reminding me about going back. Next time, though, I’d probably pay for 3 hours of fun so they would have time to warm-up and interact and play more with other kids. Yes, an exposure or interaction with other kids is I believe important for kids’ development, both of their IQ and EQ. It was a super worth it P300 for 1.5 hours for 1 child and 1 adult/guardian. I’m also waiting for them to offer birthday/party packages. I hope it’ll be ready by the time baby no. 3 would turn one. If you’re going there, make sure that you and your kids wear socks. They have lockers for bags and shoes too. Plus, they offer free distilled/mineral water. Can’t wait to have fun at Kidzoona with your kids? Visit their website for the list of their branches.

In bullets, what do I love about Kidzoona?
  • It’s affordable and it is easily accessible.
  • It offers many activities the kids can choose from.
  • The staff (at least at the branch where we visited) are very friendly and are tireless in keeping the toys well-organized and the place neat for the kids.
  • The place is generally kid-safe and clean.
  • Lots of place parents could sit while watching over their kids.
  • There is a reading area. Perfect for encouraging our kids to read books. Many good choices of children’s books too.
  • Separate lockers for shoes and bags. Although bag lockers are fewer than those for the shoes. 

Because of my unplanned Kidzoona post, I almost forgot to reveal why I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend. Well, it’s just petty really. We’re going to spend it in our house which is located in a subdivision where my sisters live as well. It’ll be my first time to see the house my sisters and I helped build for my parents. Because of their new house, I got excited to revive our own starter-home too. I now hope to spend more time there. Next year maybe, once the new baby is out. We need to do some minor repairs first and they are already in-progress! In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been missing:

I miss: watching movie marathon in the living room

I miss: setting-up the table

I miss: replenishing pantry supplies

I miss: using the kitchen

I miss: ice cream nights

I miss: tea afternoons
Oh! How I miss my plates, bed sheets, table runners, and kitchen tools. See you soon, our home sweet home. Soon.

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