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♥ How can I battle pregnancy blues? ♥

How can I paint the town red?
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I’m losing my writing mojo again. Three big reasons on why is that are my stressful daytime job, the on-going major house repairs (which is now way over our budget!) and my not-so-easy pregnancy. The much worse effect is that I am becoming grumpier every day and everywhere. Now, some people deserve the grumpy me but my family especially my husband and my kids definitely do not deserve my crazy mood swings. But, they’re having the taste of it anyway.

If you want an example scenario, let me tell you about last night. I had a long day at work. My back is a bit aching on my way home. I was hungry and then found out we were affected by the power outage which seemed to affect a whole vast of an area. I could not contact Meralco to know what exactly happened. And, with all the luck in the world, two out of our three rechargeable lights and fans were out of battery. My son used to play a lot with one of those rechargeable and I did not think of it as running low on battery since the lights were working just fine. I thought and sort of accused my son of causing the trouble with the fan.

When the electricity was restored after one hour, I immediately recharged the devices and I found out that indeed they were just low in battery. They all work fine. I felt guilty for venting my exhaustion, frustration, and hunger to my poor son by accusing him of destroying the fan. The next morning, my husband pointed out my behavior towards them that night. I know in my heart he was right and I feel so terrible. By the way, I will apologize to my son later because that is the right thing to do when you wrongly accused someone of something they did not do.

So, what can I do? I have 5 more pregnant months and I can’t / we can’t go on like this. Also, I’d like to enjoy this last pregnancy of mine despite me feeling blue, ugly and fat. Well, I am fat! (Yes, this will be our last as per my OB’s medical advice and recommendation.) I drafted my game plan and I want to share it with you all, just in case you’d like to add great inputs. 

Babymoon. It’s like a honeymoon only with a baby inside the woman’s womb! I’m so looking forward to doing this with my husband. After all, we’re planning to skip our staycation tradition this holiday season as we plan to stay longer with our renovated home. Shall we do a staycation as a couple or should we skip the city even for a night? What do you recommend for our babymoon?

Choose a Push Gift or Push Ring in my case. Push gifts are given by the husbands to their wives or partners for pushing out the baby they have made. Although I’m only 4 months preggy, it’s never too early to probably start looking for the perfect push gift and that would be a new ring. That’s my preference ever since. Collection expansion is exciting in itself, all the more when it has a beautiful meaning.

Be overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit. What else could be more joyous than Christmas? I should turn on my Christmas mood and everything else would follow the blissful path. I plan to start with putting up Christmas decors especially a tree. Then, I’d do the initial gift-buying and ready my donations or any pay-it-forward schemes for this year.

Go out and meet some old friends. I have started this last week, meeting up with my HS friends especially E and J who are in PH for a vacation. It was a breather as expected. Though, they could not believe I’m pregnant with my 3rd child. I’ve not yet announced my pregnancy to my social media accounts primarily because I don’t think people would be that interested as much as they were with my first two. The second reason would be I don’t want to be judged. Yes, in my case I know that there would be people who’d judge us as irresponsible parents who know nothing but to create babies. I don’t want to entertain any negative thoughts right now and I don’t want to engage in arguments either. But, we are happy that God blessed us with another one. It makes me believe that He trusts us so much when it comes to parenting His children.

Focus on God. Amidst all these worries and troubles, I know deep inside that all I need to do is to focus on God and His promises. I should lift up my pains and worries to Him because I know that there is nothing I could possibly do without Him. I always forget that the reason why I’m too stressed and tired is because I try to do everything on my own. I try to rely on my own strength. I always forget that without God, I would never succeed at anything, may it be an easy or a difficult task. So, MY BIGGEST NOTE TO SELF: SEEK GOD!

That’s it, guys. Anything you want to add? Please tell me how you battle with your monstrous self and how you conquer pregnancy blues!

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