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♥ #BlissfulFinds :Bath and Body Essentials for Christmas ♥

Only 12 days before Christmas Day and I am not yet finished with my gift shopping and wrapping. Where did the time of 2016 go? It is no secret that I am one avid online shopper but there are things you’d rather see and smell personally. So I braved the traffic (and the rains) to head to the nearest mall and tried to find the best finds to give for Christmas. Here is my haul from last night:

Bath Essentials Set from Puregold / Cost about Php220.00
I love how complete and affordable these sets are!

Bath Essentials Set from The SM Store / Cost about Php160.00
The shell shape bottles are something to be adored!

Bath Essentials Set from The SM Store / Cost about Php160.00
With Lavander variant too!

Bath Essentials Set from The SM Store / Cost about Php160.00
How about trying Peach?
Marks & Spencer Strawberry Body Mist Php 395.00
Marks & Spencer Strawberry Shower Gel Php 395.00
Marks & Spencer Lavander Hand & body Lotion Php 395.00

Promo of Buy 2 Take 1 for the Floral Collection

The preggy me loves indulging into rich and freshly fragrant bath essentials that is why it is almost automatic for me to check out stores’ bath and body products. If only I could stock our bathroom with all these goodies, I would! These products are hard to purchase online because it’s impossible to try the testers or smell the products through the computer screen. Hihi. My favorite scent today is the strawberry and I’ve been spraying myself of the M&S Strawberry Mist everyday and everynight. It makes me feel so young, bango and fresh! I remember having one spray cologne with an almost identical strawberry scent which came in a Betty Boop bottle when I was in grade school. Oh, how I love it!

How about you mommies? Are you done shopping for gifts already? Do you have some fabulous find? 

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