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The Search for the Perfect Graduation Gift

Photo from Unsplash
My son, Jonath had just finished his 4th periodical exams. Soon, he’ll complete the Nursery program and hopefully move, should he be accepted to a big school as a Kindergarten student. Next week, aside from reading and practice writing, his activities in school are full of graduation rehearsals. As early as today, they are already mastering the doxology part of the program. Oh, how cute my son is as he sings with matching hand gestures. The best thing about it is that I can see him truly enjoying his time spent in school and he’s even excited to move to a bigger one. How time flies!? Like a rocket ship, if you’d ask me.

Now, the mister and I have been thinking of what to give him as a graduation present. We do not want to give him an ordinary toy. Besides, he’s not showing much interest in any toy found in the shopping malls nowadays. At first, I’m all set to buy him a set of clothing seals or stamps which he can color from CashCashPinoy. It is both an entertaining and learning recreation. Until he told us what he wants to have. And, guess what!? A VIOLIN! I don’t really know where he gets that idea from.

From CashCashPinoy Php 850.00
He already has a little guitar all the way from Cebu which my husband bought in one of his trips and we already have an electronic organ/keyboard which I used to play when I was pregnant with my son. I know it’s nothing like a yamaha ypg-235 but it’s still good for beginners. But, he likes to have a violin which I think is very expensive and way out of our budget!
Help, mommies! Do you know where I can find a good deal for a violin? I’m okay with a pre-loved. I actually have looked into e-bay already but found nothing. I still have less than 2 months to search for a violin — the perfect graduation gift, for Jonath.

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