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What’s in a Name?

How do I break the news that the mister and I are having another baby girl come summer!? Oh, there, I said it guys!
Personally, I would have wanted another baby boy because of this world, in my opinion, is crueler with women. My second reason is for all my children to have their own titles — the firstborn (panganay), the only girl (unica hija) and the last born (bunso). But, even though we wanted a baby boy, we prayed for nothing else but a healthy normal baby.  So, a baby girl is most welcome, of course. And, we are grateful to God that the special ultrasound (congenital scan) came out with best/normal results.
Now that we know the gender of our baby no. 3, we can finally move on and start thinking and shortlisting names. A good or perfect name for my children is to me a highly important matter. After all, a name is a name! It is a sort of a legacy to our children. They will live with it and by it for the rest of their lives. I don’t want her to think I did not put enough time and effort in naming her. I must think of a well-thought name for her just like what we did with our first two children.
My son’s initials are JC then followed by CM. I wanted the third one to have initials of MJ or another CM. My mister is not so much intervening because we kind of agreed even before that his choice would prevail if it’s a boy and mine would prevail if it’s a girl. Can you help me, mommies, to brainstorm for a baby name? We want something that has a good biblical meaning and something classic too. I know for a fact that there are numerous websites out there for searching baby names but if you could give me your most preferred and best-rated ones, it would make my life a lot easier! Say, when you want online shopping, you go either to Lazada or Zalora, when you crave for food, there’s munchpunch for menus and food panda which delivers or you go to specialty stores like National Bookstore for books and guitar center richmond va for your musical needs (in the US).
It would definitely be a great help if you can suggest names and recommend websites! Thanks in advance!

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