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♥ Gratitude List January Edition ♥

The first out of twelve months of 2017 is about to end and I could not help but be grateful for all the blessings we’ve already received (as early as now) and for the blessings, we shall still be receiving for the rest of the year. Yeah, claiming it already Lord. Thank you! I am just so happy that two of the things I listed as part of our 2017 goals have already been achieved or given to us – CAR and INSURANCE.
First, we now have a family car, an old but decent one. The truth is we first planned to buy a car when I was pregnant with baby no. 1 but all my sisters have cars and we were short of parking spaces. Also, we get free rides from them so we postponed the plan. It was later revived when I gave birth to baby no. 2. However, that was also the time when car services such as Uber and Grab became so popular. We got hooked and once again forgot about owning a car.  With baby no. 3 coming this summer, commute even through taxi, Uber or Grab would simply be harder since we have three young children to carry with us along with bags of milk, snacks, diapers and extra clothes. And, soon, when the kids grow bigger, we will no longer fit in in my sister’s car. That is why we decided it’s high time that we buy our own family car, especially that we are on a weekly road trip down South. So, we did! Today, the mister is polishing his driving skills and we are looking for a pay parking near our home. When the right time comes, we shall buy a brand new SUV. Actually, we do not have a dream car. Oh, wait, yes we do. Our dream car would be an SUV or something that can be driven in slightly flooded streets, compact, very low-maintenance and fuel efficient and can I just add, not breaking down ever? Hehe.
Second is emergency healthcare insurance. Unfortunately, our companies, both mine and my husband’s, do not give HMOs to its employees so we have to shell out our own money for emergency health care plans that are not Philhealth. I’ve been buying for my kids for the last three years or so but it is only this year that I finally get each for me and the mister. Why? Because health insurances are so expensive. Right now, all I can afford are the one-time use health cards. Before buying, I did a little research for the options available and I want to share them with you, the most affordable one-time use health care cards!
Annual Cost Emergency Care and Hospitalization  Coverage Accidental Death Benefit
Philcare’s ER Vantage Plus 80 Adults 1,750.00 Up to 80,000.00 (private room) 50,000.00
Paramount 400.00 5,000.00 10,000.00
700.00 10,000.00 10,000.00
1,500.00 15,000.00 10,000.00
MaxiCare’s EReady (Generika) 550.00 15,000.00 None
750.00 15,000.00 (including other 6 major hospitals) None
PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy (for depositors) 750.00 20,000.00 100,000.00
1,250.00 40,000.00 200,000.00

I bought Philcare’s ER Vantage Plus for each of us and I am scheduling to get PNB’s Healthy Ka Pinoy for me since I already have an account with them. Soon, I’ll convert that account into a joint account and will open accounts each for my kids so that they can apply too. (Update: There is no need to convert my account into a joint since I can be the principal and just add my dependents. However, I have only added my husband since the minimum age for children is 5 years old.) We have not yet tried nor experience any of these companies’ services. And, I earnestly pray to God that we don’t get to use any of our health care plans. But, if you have availed any of the above health care services, please care enough to share your experiences in the comments below. It’ll be a great help for me and others who’d read this. Thanks in advance!

I’ve also listed “create beautiful memories” in my 2017 goals. And, so far, so good. We gathered for lunch to celebrate my mom’s birthday in a shabu-shabu restaurant and we just went to Tagaytay last week as a complete extended family. All those plus the bonding we are having on a weekly basis every time we go home to our Southern sanctuaries. Indeed, this year is shaping up to be one for the books!

Have a blissful February!

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