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announcement-2I had an awesome first month for 2017 as I’ve declared in my Gratitude List January Edition. Now that we’re cruising the love month, February, it seems that for me, it is not as good as the last month. For one, I lost access to my registered domain blissfulthoughts.com. That’s exactly why for the next few days or so, my blog would be housed temporarily (hopefully) at ourblissfulthoughts.blogspot.com. I know it’s a setback for my blog’s traffic, stats, and growing readership. I’m currently trying to regain access by trying to recover my damaged SIM card which is the registered recovery mobile number in my G Suite account. The recovery email didn’t work, I honestly do not know why so these efforts in SIM card retrieval is a 50-50 shot. My SIM got damaged all suddenly last November. Other details are rather boring but honestly, I’m at the brink of depression. I wanted to regain my blog domain of five years so badly! Please help me pray for it! And, I pray it happens the soonest.

This month, I’m all set to open an online store for my mostly pre-loved items. I’ve been meaning to sell many of our unused and unwanted stuff which include clothes, excess bags, shoes, household items, novelty stuff, collectibles, books, toys etcetera, for the longest time, maybe for the past three years already. And, I finally decided to put it up right this month. One huge motivation is from my brother-in-law’s lovely proceeds from the sale of his pre-loved steel string guitar from MF. I’m very much decided. I’m motivated. The only problem is I can’t seem to find time to take a good image of my stuff for sale and upload them all online.


By the way, which do you prefer? Where do you go when you’re looking for certain pre-loved items? Where do you think should I put my stuff for sale? Ebay or OLX? I hope to get your feedbacks next week. Thanks in advance! I will try my very best to accomplish this excitingly awful task by the end of the month. Wish me luck!

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