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♥ 10 Ways to Make Your Wife Love You Even More ♥

In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, let’s give the guys/daddies/hubbies out there some tips on how to make their girlfriends/mommies/wifies love them more.

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Pay attention to details.

I get kilig every time my husband remembers small details I told him in passing. It makes me feel like he’s all ears to me when I’m speaking. And, I get irritated when he seems not to know what I like and dislike. Do not underestimate the power of listening to the details, the tinier the details, the greater its worth. Example, I was overjoyed when the mister surprised me with mini SD cards and power banks which I told him I need in one of our conversations and I was hell mad when he surprised me with macapuno candies which I never liked my entire life! Can you imagine how frustrated I was? After all these years, he still does not know that!

Surprises seldom fail.

Generally, we, girls love surprises or the effort you guys put to surprise us because let’s admit it, we, girls have supernatural instincts and most of us can sense surprises and unveil even your most secret plans! Haha. Nevertheless, keep on surprising us because it makes us feel more special and important. And, like I said, it’s the efforts that we value more than anything else.

Cuddle time.

This is especially important for married couples. You guys have to understand that there are nights when we are dead tired from all that had happened during the day. Sometimes, we have no more energy for an intimate activity but a tight embrace and soft kisses are absolutely welcome and appreciated because really, that’s all we need to relax our exhausted bodies and spirits.

Ask about our day.

This is one sure way to let us know that you truly care about us and our welfare. If you ask me, I absolutely appreciate my husband for always asking how my day was after work, especially when he knows I’m being beaten by workload and deadlines. It makes me feel like he cares for me and he is still interested in what is going on with my life.

Ask or listen to our dreams and aspirations.

Simply because we find it highly romantic. As much as we want you to like, love or lust for our physical attributes and attitude, we also would like you to fall in love with our characters and unique personalities. Also, showing that you want to be involved with our biggest and wildest dreams in life only mean that you want to secure a spot in our future, that you see yourself growing (old) with us which is another romantic notion.

Value our opinion.

Soon, the millennials would be a thing of the past and we are to welcome yet another generation, the Jellybean generation (born in the year 2000 and later). With that, feminism and gender equality are seen to be more rampant. And, we women want nothing less. So, you have to understand that this worldwide awareness and changes would affect us, one way or another. Now, it does not mean we would step on your egos or we want chivalry dead. It simply means that we would want our voices to be heard and we want them valued. So, seek to hear us every now and then. It will make us feel you indeed respect and value us as your partners in life.

Kiss us!

Yes, and even in public. Now, I don’t mean French kissing. A soft and quick smooch on the forehead, cheek or lips would do. When we see that you’re not afraid or ashamed to let other people know how much you love us, it makes us feel secured in the relationship. In return, we’d do everything in our power too to make you feel secured. Aside from that, we’ll love you even more if we feel that you’re proud and thankful for having a partner like us.

Say the magic words.

We would love to hear “I love you.” from you at least a couple of times a day or in an out-of-the-blue text message. Me, I like hearing it every waking morning and right before I close my eyes at night, no matter how bad or tiring the day was. It just makes things a lot easier and brighter, knowing that someone loves you. Personally, I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing and saying I love you to my husband. Along with the magic words, add some compliments too, the more realistic, the better! Don’t exaggerate and don’t lie, just say what you like about us the most and we’ll surely kiss you back for that.

Remember the special dates and places.

I know, I know. Not many men have good memories when it comes to special dates and places while us, women are like walking diaries of all the memorable dates and places we’ve ever been to. And, more often than not if you fail to answer our question correctly (e.g. when and where is our first date?), we throw a shade at you and tantrums no one knows when to last. Maybe not all dates and places should be remembered but if your partner is the kind who gives importance to such, then I guess it’s time you keep a small note in your wallet or phones or tablets. Small stuff to do for the woman you love, right?

Learn her love language.

Okay, this I think is the most important of all because not all women are the same. Some hate flowers, chocolates, and surprises. Some hate being asked when they are tired. Some like action more than cuddles. Some hate being kissed and held in public. Some don’t say I love you. Some would like a shopping spree, a jewelry or in my case an uninterrupted sleep during weekdays and two hours of nap during weekends. It is important that you know how she communicates love, her very own love language. That’s the only way you can make her fall in love with you over and over again. The best thing is that, oftentimes, love languages are deeply ingrained in one’s character so it rarely changes dramatically.

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Good luck, guys! I hope you’ll have a blast this Valentine’s Day and always remember that, A HAPPY WIFE is A HAPPY LIFE!



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