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♥ 10 Ways to Make Your Husband Love You Even More ♥

Free Stock Photo by Scott Webb from Unsplash

As promised from my previous post, read on ladies on ways you can make your husbands/partners love you even more.

Loyalty is the key.

Men highly value a woman’s loyalty. Well, we all want and need loyalty in a relationship, don’t we? I’m not being sexist here but I think that there are more women than men who are willing to forgive an unfaithful partner. I don’t know why but it seems like nature has it that us, women are more tolerable when it comes to infidelity than men.

Learn how to make his coffee.

Men may not count on you for their breakfasts or meals but I guarantee you that they will love you once you master how to make their kind of a morning coffee. Ask men who’ve been or are away from their homes or wives about what they miss about them, aside from the person herself, I bet they’ll answer coffee every morning.

Avoid rattling him.

Men hate to be told a series of things at once as much as we women hate to be rushed while fixing ourselves. Their brains seem to be wired to absorb one thing at a time. So, if you tell them a series of concerns, they’ll end up not understanding or retaining all that you said (which would surely irritate you) or they would feel and think that you are pressuring them. A great tip is for women to list, prioritize and schedule each concern to be discussed with their partners.

Do not nag.

Nobody wants to be nagged, especially when one had a full tough day at work. Besides, nothing is ever resolved by nagging. So, no matter how tempting it is to nag your husbands about finances, house chores and bad habits, please avoid doing so as it will only likely aggravate the situation. Open communication is still the bridge that closes any issue.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If there’s one thing that I think men have in their nature is that they are so good at not sweating the small stuff. They do not worry so much. They are more likely to be the optimist in the relationship. The pile of laundry does not bother them. The messy house does not stress them. Don’t overanalyze. Men love free spirits too, although I know that it’s still our hands that keep things balanced and well-organized. Personally, sometimes I try to learn this from the mister. If I’m not feeling well, then I rest rather than clean the whole house. I try not to be obsessed about each and every stain I find in our house. I try not to overthink our finances but rather focus on what could be done prospectively.

Acknowledge that they are the Head of the Family.

This is not meant to protect their egos or manhood. It is to keep the Word of God. Now, it does not mean that women should have no voice in marriages or relationships. It means that us, women should submit to the wisdom of our husbands after we’ve discussed things out. We should not be making decisions by ourselves and vice versa and we should always take into consideration his opinion about issues and respect his final decision thereafter, especially on small stuff. I usually let him decide for us for no big deals and trivial stuff.

Let him grow.

Men just like women need time for themselves. They need to continue growing as an individual. They need their own network, own set of friends and personal pursuit of passion and hobbies. They need to be on their own, sometimes. That’s how they mature and grow. With our love and support, they can spread their wings wider, soar higher, achieve their wildest calling and fulfill their purposes.

Trust him.

Women sometimes think that jealousy is cute but most men don’t like it. They feel like they are failing in making you feel secured in a relationship or they think you’re being paranoid which irritates them. They rarely realize that we’re just making pa-cute and looking for some lambing. Haha. My advice, try other pa-cute moves and try other strategies to get your dose of cariño!

Don’t forget intimacy.

Men appreciate cuddle time. Sometimes, they’d even find it cute and sweet but that’s just about it. Most men would still prefer an intimate activity rather than cuddles. I think it’s their ultimate expression of love. They are more physical even in their love language. You may not feed them or wash their dirty clothes as long as you satisfy their main biological need.

Encourage him.

Men may look tough on the outside but most of them are vulnerable on the inside. It’s easy for them to feel down, weak or depressed even when someone they love or someone important to them tells them they are weaklings and hopeless. Some research says that it is due to their habit of holding or bottling up their emotions. They rarely cry and show their true feelings. Haven’t you noticed how women of ancient history defined the life, success, victory or failure and waterloo of the men who loved, adored and listened to them? That’s why I believe in the saying that, behind a great man is a great (or even greater) woman (who keeps whispering in his ears). So, girls if you want them to succeed, be the first to believe and encourage them. Deep down their hearts and minds, they are listening to you!

I hope these tips (from my personal experience) help in your relationships! I’m not sure whether I’ll be online tomorrow for the husband and I and my friends and I have dates! Yes, I got two dates for tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day and have a blast with a partner or with friends!

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