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♥ #MoneyBliss :Free Seminars in Manila for MSMES at PTTC ♥

Financial literacy has finally reached the consciousness of many Filipinos now, especially the working class. (How I long for the day when it reaches even those living beyond the poverty line!) Thank you to personal bloggers turned financial advisors who persisted in spreading awareness and awakening others’ desires for financial independence, book authors and publishers who took risks in writing and publishing about a topic as unpopular as money management and even celebrities who inspire many by sharing their money-wise moves.

I myself is a staunch admirer of many personalities who have inspired me one way or another to start and continue my journey towards a more financially stable and independent life. I first came to know Bo Sanchez back in 2006 when his associates held a free seminar at my then office. However, I procrastinated and never really started investing in the stock market, insurances or mutual funds. Had I acted, meaning saved and made investments right after that seminar, there is no doubt I would have been a millionaire by now. Instead, I dilly-dallied for six more years before I finally had the guts to learn more about personal finance. Motherhood made me do it. Since then, I’ve come to know (not personally) Robert Kiyosaki, Fitz Villafuerte, Warren Buffet, Randell Tiongson and many others who continue to inspire and guide me in my financial journey. I’ve learned so much about how to properly handle my finances simply by following them (i.e. reading their articles, watching their interviews).

I have learned to save money. I have learned to set-up an emergency fund. I have learned to plan early for retirement. I have learned about what kind of insurances to get. I have learned about investments that could propel my kids’ educational funds. And now, I’m being inspired to expand my horizon. I know now that it is not enough that my husband and I enjoy a cushy daytime job. We know we need to make other streams of income if we want to afford our dreams, for ourselves and for our children. In order to do these, we have to open ourselves to possibilities and try to swell our network and develop our other potentials through exposures and continuous learning.

Last year, I have become a licensed Real Estate Broker. I may not be practicing the profession right now but I learned so much from that experience, including the conclusion that yes, despite years of being complacent, I can still go back to learning and become a student. I have attended SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seminar for my humble yet growing blog, Blissful Thoughts and I have it opened for brands too.  I and my blog had the opportunity to work with Hotel H2O twice in a year! My pursuit of an MBA or other certifications may have taken a back seat for now due to my pregnancy but I’m quite certain that once the dust has settled, I’ll be working on my self-improvement again. For now, I’m looking at Philippine Trade and Training Center’s (PTTC) free seminars for MSMEs, in time for their 30th anniversary. I want to go to the Creative Blogging Seminar on February 23. You guys might want to check out the rest of the schedules or go directly to PTTC’s website! Again, seminars are for FREE from 21-24 February 2017 only. Drop me a message if you’re coming!


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