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♥ Most Affordable Health Cards in the Philippines ♥


Due to feedbacks and queries I’ve been getting regarding the Health Cards in my previous post which was more centered in my gratitude list, I’ve decided to just create a separate post which would only tackle the most affordable health cards in the Philippines. First of all, let me clarify that the health cards in my list are very different from HMO-provided health insurances mainly for the following reasons – affordability, coverage, and the number of usage in a year. Health cards I’ll be listing here are a lot more affordable than the HMOs. However, these health cards unlike HMOs only cover emergency cases and are good for one-time use.

Unfortunately, both mine and my husband’s company do not provide HMOs so I am forced to look for family health cards which would suit our budget and would be reliable in case of emergencies. Prior to getting health cards, I’ve sent a lot of queries to many HMOs and the last one gave me the following quote: 14,000.00 PHP for the principal (that’s me) and 26,000.00 PHP for each dependent. In my case, I have 3 dependents so it would cost our family around 92,000.00 per year!!!

HMOs being out of the picture due to budget constraints, I looked for more affordable options and that’s when I learned of cheaper and one-time use emergency health cards. I think it’s better than to have nothing in times of emergency. Please note however that I cannot vouch for the reliability of these health cards since I have not availed of their services yet, and I pray it stays that way.

In a simple tabular presentation, this is what I’ve researched:

Annual Cost

Emergency Care and Hospitalization  Coverage

Accidental Death Benefit

Philcare’s ER Vantage Plus 80 Adults


Up to 80,000.00 (private room)












MaxiCare’s EReady (Generika)


15,000.00 None


15,000.00 (including other 6 major hospitals)


PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy (for depositors)

750.00 700.00




1,250.00 1,200.00



My top two choices are Philcare’s ER Vantage Plus 80 and PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy because we can afford them and I have somehow read positive feedback about their services.

Image from Philcare website

Philcare’s ER Vantage Plus 80 is the most expensive in the ER Vantage Category. For adults, it costs 1,750.00 PHP and for kids aged 6 months to 17 years old, it costs 4,950.00 PHP. It is a single-use healthcare voucher (used to be a card) that provides coverage of up to 80,000.00 PHP (private room) for emergency care and hospitalization for acute (sudden onset) viral and bacterial illnesses, treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 400+ designated PhilCare-accredited hospitals nationwide. I like it because of the hospitalization or confinement coverage. I availed one for each of us. Actually, the kids’ rate went up this year, by around 370%! Why, oh, why?! I got my children’s last year for only 1,350.00 PHP. Well, it’s still lower than the 26k HMO I was offered. Also, it now comes with ADDD (accidental death, dismemberment, and disability) of 50,000.00 PHP.

Tip: You may want to adopt my strategy of scheduling the buying of health cards. I buy for my children in time for mid-year bonus and I buy for me and my husband when we receive the year-end bonus. That way, my pocket won’t be emptied in one big blow!

Philcare has other products, including the multiple-use health cards which you may want to check out on their website. It’s an added bonus that the availing and registration of Philcare’s Health Cards are hassle-free since you can do them all including payment online.

Image from PNB website

PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy, on the other hand, covers only emergency medical expenses of up to 40,000.00 PHP, excluding hospitalization or confinement. The good about this PNB offer is that when you are admitted for emergency care in a non-accredited hospital, you can still claim for reimbursement of what you spent. Annual premium payment can be made through auto-debit to your PNB account and if no claim was made for the period of 1 year, members get a 20% credit back of the premium cost to their PNB account (I renewed our cards for 2018 and, sadly, they no longer offer these type of rebates). It also comes with ADDD (accidental death, dismemberment, and disability) of up to 200,000.00 PHP. Another good thing about this offer is that the account holder is the principal and as a principal, he or she can add several dependents including one’s spouse, children, parents, and siblings. However, the minimum age for kids is five years old.

I was moved to buy this for me and my husband when I saw how quick he was in getting insurance for our car. For me, he is far more valuable than our car and if something happens to the car while he’s driving (God, please forbid!), he should be protected too not just the car, and so are we as passengers. Makes sense, right?

Well, nothing to lose, everything to gain! It is worthy to spend a few bucks for ours and our loved one’s protection, health and peace of mind. It’s quite sad and frustrating actually how unaffordable and unreasonable most HMOs have become. I think they should revise their policies instead of increasing the annual premiums. Just my two cents. Again, I ardently pray not to need to use any of these health card/vouchers, ever!

I hope this article helps you. If it does, please leave a comment and share it with others too simply by clicking the icons below. Next, on Money Bliss, I’ll share my life insurance quest with you.

Have blissful days ahead!

Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash

35 thoughts on “♥ Most Affordable Health Cards in the Philippines ♥

  1. HI. I would like to ask if you have any idea how much is the additional payment for PNB healthy ka card if there are additional dependents. Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi. This is the answer from Philcare.

      Can I use the ER Shield, ER Vantage Plus and Health Vantage in hospitals not included in the voucher/card’s provider list?

      No, services can only be availed in the designated hospitals. We have already made arrangements with the hospitals regarding the procedures for accepting the vouchers/cards and provision of services.

      There are more than 550 hospitals nationwide where you may avail the services for ER Shield, ER Vantage Plus, and Health Vantage.


  2. Tanong lang po…Nag avail po ako MAXICARE PREPAID CARD 749. Now ko lang po napansin na excluded po pala ang In Patient thru confinement..Further clarification Please. Thank you po.


    1. Hi Des,

      I’m also not familiar with Maxicare Prepaid pero from I know para lang sya nung kinuha ko from PNB – emergency room charges/treatment lang, not for confinement.


  3. Hi CK, thank you for accomodating queries 🙂 Question lng, you purchased both of the cards from PNB and Philcare? If yes, why? God Bless you po. 🙂


    1. Hi Rhie! Philcare is for our emergency care that may lead to hospital admission or confinement while PNB is for emergency room treatments only which I think would be useful for like minor car accidents. I still pray we don’t get to use any of them.


  4. Hi Ck, this is what exactly i’ve been looking for…like you, i plan to avail both the PNB and Philcare as HMOs cost an arm and a leg. In which case, one can make use of the PNB card during an emergency, thereafter use the Philcare card if he gets confined/admitted in the hospital, right? Thanks and keep the inspirations coming!


    1. Thank you for the feedback! And, you’re right. HMOs are so expensive. The latest renewal quotation my friend reeived is 23k per year.


    1. additional lang po, pwede po ba itong magamit in operation? Need po kasi ng mama ko ng operation to remove yung ovary niya.

      Thank you.


    2. Hello Rhey! You have to register the voucher first. One week after registration pa sya ma aactivate. Pag activated na saka pa lang sya pwede gamitin.


  5. Hi
    We are a family of 3 and living outside the country, any suggestions, naghhanap po ako ng card pra s family ko. my wife and my daughter will be going back to philippines soon. nung nabsa ko po ung post nyo im torn between philcare and PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy. Appreciate your suggestions po.


    1. Hi! Personally, I will get Philcare because it has a card/voucher that can cover hospitalization unlike with PNB Healthy Ka na for emergency care only. Be fully informed though na one-time use lang ang Philcare (also PNB) and pang emergency or sudden illnesses lang. May mga exclusions like asthma (and other chronic diseases). Hope this helps.


    1. Hi, Ivy. Sadly, you can only use the Philcare vouchers in accredited Philcare hospitals. As far as I know, they don’t reimburse.


  6. Hi Ck, looking at HMOs for me and my daughter. Just to clarify, for your Philcare plan for you and your children, is it a one-time payment? or do you pay the said amount quarterly?
    Hope to hear from you. Thanks!


  7. Mam very helpful po to becoz im looking for a health care na affordable. Ask ko lng you said it is a one time used card, kung din ko sya ngamit within one year from the date na napurchased ok pa po rin sya o mg expire nah?


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