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♥ Attitude of Gratitude February Edition ♥

I honestly thought that February would be a below at par month. I lost access to I had a pregnancy-related UTI and I started not having a good night sleep. I’m also a little behind my financial goals. Thankfully, towards the last stretch of last month, things started to get clear again.


The first thing I’m grateful for is the recovery of my blog domain! Hooray to that! Ever since I registered Blissful Thoughts sometime in 2012, I am not 100% sure that it’s what I wanted. I just totally lack idea and creativeness at that time (or maybe until now), that’s why I thought of it. Originally, it was meant to be named Happy Thoughts since at that time I was posting an everyday happy thought at Facebook and people reacted positively, so, I naturally thought it’d be cool to create a blog after it. However, it’s already taken, hence, the second choice Blissful Thoughts and the rest they say is history.

Blissful Thoughts is not yet a biggie, not yet an influencer. I don’t earn much from it as well. Its humble earnings are just good enough to cover annual registrations, ads, media kits and paid templates but I want it to grow, maybe not financially at the moment since I am too busy with my daytime career and not to discount, homemaking. One move I just did for BT’s growth is to finally move (or move back) to WordPress. I do not have the money yet to buy the template I want for it ($50) but I’m hoping next year it’ll get the template it deserves. I’m also planning to review, edit and delete all my past 350 posts. It’s really going to be a new beginning for my baby BT come 2018. Watch out for that. I’m grateful for my blog because it inspires me, hopefully, inspires and informs others as well and it has been a good outlet for me and it has been a great avenue for me to showcase my passion in writing. At first, I really do not care if anyone reads my blog. As a matter fact, the longer it stays invisible, the better, or so I thought. But when it started getting traffic, 10 per day, 50 per day, 200 per day, I feel like I have to improve in writing, be relevant and somehow make it valuable for someone reading it somewhere. But, I don’t pressure myself. It still has to be me. I still haven’t created friendships or communities or interactions here but who knows, maybe someday. My blog has blessed me in so many different ways and I wish to learn if it has blessed anyone else too.

I am in my last trimester of pregnancy and everything is running smooth except for the “under observation” UTI. My OBG is deferring the medications until my 34th week and until another urinalysis and urine culture with sensitivity.

I am also thankful that I have finished early and beat the deadline for our Financial Statements! This is the earliest compliance we’ve had in years.

I am also thankful for the handsome profit I’ve made from trading ALI this month. Although my portfolio is still bleeding (hehe), at least I’ve been able to profit somehow. The thing with trading stocks is that when you make a profit, no matter how small it is you get a million boost in your confidence and it inspires you to learn more and more about the whole circuit.

Lastly, I am most grateful for family time and for the health, safety, and happiness of everyone dear to my heart. Actually, it is a not so healthy month because we all got yellow diarrhea. Yes, the mister, the kids and me. The kids also had to take meds for their cough. But, at least none of these diseases were dangerous enough to warrant hospital admission. So, we’re still thankful. We were so worried about the diarrhea, we thought it was amebiasis. Praise the Lord, it was not! Thank goodness for the kids’ healthy immune system, they were able to fight off the virus. More about yellow diarrhea on my next post. Plus, the home in the South is finally getting its last touches of beautification.

Hubby’s Blissful Find

How about you? What are you grateful for in February? Let’s all look forward to a blissful March. Yes, summer is here! I can smell the sun and sand already!

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