Blissful Hearts

♥ Lenten Series: Sacrifices Lead to Beautiful Blessings ♥

I have been pregnant three times and in those three times, I have never felt pretty. I envy those celebrities gracing the covers of magazines with their glamorous baby bumps. I get jealous with the non-celebrities who I bumped into who are able to pull up a stylish preggy ensemble. I have never experienced what they call as pregnancy bloom. Today, when I was walking towards my cab ride, I took a glance of myself from the parked vehicles in the streets and I saw a fat lady with a swollen nose, pale skin, even paler lips, dry hair and a face with much noticeable skin tags. I turned my head and walked again and noticed how I awkwardly did the penguin walk. Hay, I felt even uglier. But, I quickly lightened up my mood and started to focus on the beautiful blessings ahead, beginning with baby V.

Life is almost always like that. It could be as ugly as it decides to be. It could make your life look like the ugliest one on earth. But, it always has a purpose. It always leads to blessings. In the end, it’s always going to be beautiful if we allow it to be. If it’s not yet beautiful, then it’s not yet the end. So, take the journey with joy and faith.

This Lent, I am exempted from meal fasting and meat abstinence due to my pregnancy. But, I’m still determined to practice discipline and sacrifice which I believe is good for the soul. We may think it is ugly or difficult to give up or abstain from things that matter to us or things that we are accustomed to but if we do this, we would be feeding our souls in return. And, don’t you think it’s a beautiful thing to feed the soul? And, I am so certain that more beautiful things shall unfold once our souls are properly fed.

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There are millions of ways we can do fasting and abstinence based on our own lifestyles and I am counting we all know deep inside what to lessen or take away from ourselves as a form of discipline and sacrifice. One of my officemates practices abstinence from her usual genre of music and instead plays worship songs all day long. A friend deactivates his social media accounts. Another friend vows not to whine about work. Some still do it the old-fashioned way, skipping meals and no-meat Fridays. Doing these sacrifices not only disciplines us and teaches about sacrifice, it also reminds us how mundane these things that we do every day are compared to our spiritual well-being.

I pray that you find your own sacrifices this Lenten Season meaningful and eye-opening. God bless.

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