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♥ The Bittersweet Moments in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy ♥

third trimester
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I have this mixed emotions regarding my pregnancy the past few days. I am excited to see our daughter. I’m a little worried about giving birth for the third time. I’m still undecided whether to go natural or with an epidural. I’m always tired and irritated by my looks and heavy and hard tummy. I’m sad I can’t sleep well anymore and I’m sadder that this journey would soon be over. No more kicks and moving around my tummy feeling. This may be what they say are the bittersweet moments of the last pregnancy. Yes, this could be our last per my OBG’s medical advice. And, though, a baby is always worth any risk, she keeps on reminding me that I am already a mother of soon-to-be three beautiful children who I should consider in making a decision for our family.

Okay, the last thing I need right now is to stress myself, worry too much and entertain negative and sad thoughts. This is a place for blissful thoughts, after all. I know it’s a tad too late to start a buntis series or pregnancy diary in my blog but allow me to savor the last few weeks of this wonderful journey, one last time.

How do I know that I’ve finally entered the last trimester of my pregnancy?

  • Nesting is my first cue that I’m nearing the last stretch. I suddenly gain the strong urge and the superpower to make things in order and get things done. I clean the house thoroughly. I make space available for the new baby. I ready the tiny clothes, socks, bonnets and newborn toiletries. I also ready our finances and hospital bags.
  • Water retention — swollen face, legs and feet (edema) is becoming more and more evident, day by day. This is the reason why I avoid looking at myself in the mirror during the third trimester. The big tummy is okay with me, the big butt too. But, the swollen nose, dark neck and armpits, thunder thighs and huge feet are not exactly that inspiring to look at.
  • Insane hunger starts at the third trimester too, at least for me, just when the OBG advises you to watch your weight or worse, the baby’s weight. I remember eating hamburger almost every night including the night I gave birth to Claret. The need to eat is driving me crazy sometimes so I don’t fight it anymore. I just give in to what my stomach and hormones want.
  • It will be difficult to get a good and complete sleep once you entered the last trimester, especially when you are on the heavier side like me. It’s not healthy to lie down on your back so you are left with the side lying positions and lying on your left is the best sleeping position. However, your weight might make it uncomfortable after a few minutes or hours so you need to transfer to the other side. It’s a tiring cycle all through the night.
  • Irritability becomes me due to sleepiness and tiredness. Carrying a hard and heavy tummy 24/7 is surely tiresome. Also, it may be nice to feel your baby kicks and moves around your womb but it’s not so pleasant to have someone crushing and pushing your organs inside.
  • On my third trimester, particularly on my eighth month, I usually develop easy fatigability. I can no longer do the chores I used to do. I can’t walk too far. I can’t carry heavy loads. I can’t travel far. I can’t clean non-stop. I have to slow down most of the time and break down my activities into more manageable chunks. That’s why it was really a smart decision to cancel the trip to Hongkong. I doubt we would have enjoyed and I would have risked having pre-term labor, in a foreign land!

Mommies, help me to decide soon, should I choose natural vaginal birth or normal with an epidural? I’ve experienced both and both have their own pros and cons. The thorough discussion deserves a separate post. For now, and before I write that post, I want to hear/read your own experiences and stories!

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