Blissful Hearts

♥ Lenten Series: Giving is a Blessing ♥

In Acts 20:35, it was mentioned that Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Free Stock Photo by Madi Robson from Unsplash


I’ve been a World Vision sponsor for five years and I’ve been supporting UNICEF Philippines and World Food Programme too for almost the same period. I’m absolutely happy to be able to help other people and I would certainly not hesitate in giving more should I receive more. But, last week was a test to my generosity.

My mom asked for a little amount of money to be used for the graduation of my cousin’s son. I hesitated. I felt guilty for that hesitation but I cannot deny what I felt that day. I did not feel any urge or motivation to help right away. It did not excite me the way other opportunities to do good usually do. I really wonder why. Was it because I’m biased and judgmental? I mean, being a relative I know their story and my judgment as to how they should live their lives overshadows my heart’s generosity, therefore affecting an innocent child. I’m quite ashamed of this actually because of all people, it’s me who should know what it’s like to be dependent to a relative. I was just so blessed I had an uncle, auntie, and cousin who never wavered and never upbraided in helping us at our lowest point in life.

This Lenten Season, I realized and accepted the fact that I am receiving more than what I give. The Lord is blessing me so much but I do not pass the blessing to others properly. Sure, I spoil my kids and try to give my parents what I think they want. But, I’m not doing enough or maybe it’s more accurate to say that I am not doing it right. I know that a vacation or playtime at a playroom would make my children happy yet I do not make time for those. Instead, I buy them expensive toys and gadgets. I know what would make my parents happy (i.e. helping their relatives) and yet I don’t do it. I give them what I want to give them, not what they want to receive. My generosity is limited, discriminatory, authoritarian and selfish. And, since I’m not passing on God’s blessings to others the way I should or the way God wants me to, the flow of blessings in my life is interrupted. I can no longer accept God’s overflowing blessings because my cup is still too full of the old blessings which I should have passed on or shared with others.

Realizing how insincere my generosity was, I gave my mother the amount she had asked. I will try to give more in the days to come. After all, it has been said that we should give until God stops giving us. And, you and I know that that would never ever happen because our God is a genuinely and sincerely generous god.


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