8 thoughts on “♥ Money Bliss : How To Maximize Your PAG-IBIG Fund Membership (UPDATED) ♥

  1. Hi, I would like to avail this through salary deduction but both me and my employer can’t seem to find a source on how to apply for it via salary deduction. My HR insists that I have to pay it myself which is not tax effective as I would have to pay it from my net pay. I would like if possible, to take advantage of the tax savings i will have via salary deduction, while at the same time, making some savings. Thank you!


    1. Hi! MP2 is not deductible from your taxable gross income, only the mandatory deduction is (100 per month). It won’t affect your taxes.


  2. Hi, I also want to increase my monthly pag-ibig contribution so I informed our HR about my request, but they told me that they dont cater that request and said if I want too I have to pay it myself instead. Any suggestion?


    1. Sad that they don’t offer this to your company. But, they should according to PAG-IBIG.

      Anyway, I also know that it is sometimes useless to argue with HR. Hehe. You can still apply/register for Pag-ibig 2 (online para magka account no. ka agad). One way to pay for MP2 is through Pag-ibig branches. You can skip naman the monthly remittance by paying in lumpsum, like every 6 months to lessen the hassle. Pwede rin through G-Cash, if you have an account or willing to open one.

      I hope this helps!


  3. Can I ask if the MP2 account number is generated right away after online MP2 registration? Or is the number advised through email? Mali kasi yung email address ko na naka-save sa Pag-Ibig and I cannot edit that information/field. Thanks for the advice.


    1. Generated online yung account number and you can view, save and print it right after submission. 🙂 Hindi ko nga sure if may confirmation e-mail eh. Parang wala yata. Hope this helps.


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