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♥ My Itchy Pregnancy ♥


They say that each pregnancy is a unique journey. And, I believe that 100%. During my first trimester, I was absolutely certain that I was having a baby boy because I had exactly the same symptoms as when I was pregnant with my first born, Jonath. I was so lazy to wake up every morning during my first trimester. I disliked eating fish. I once again interested in playing a musical instrument. I bought an electronic organ when I was pregnant with Jonath and now I want to fix our guitar and buy ernie ball strings, check it out at Months later, it was revealed that we are having another baby girl.

One thing I uniquely had in this pregnancy is skin problems with severe itchiness. It was during my second trimester of around December last year when I started scratching my arms. I had small red bumps which are very itchy and threatening to spread to my whole arms. We were in our annual staycation when it occurred, that’s why I almost went crazy with all the itchy and yucky appearance/texture of my arms. I wore jackets and long sleeves (thank goodness it was December) but December is not yet that cool, right? So, the more I perspired, the more it itched but I endured it because I still did not know then if it’s contagious or not. As soon as we’re back in Manila, I contacted my OBG and she okayed the products which I plan to use. Thankfully, the products worked! I used an unscented mild soap (Dove). Then, I put on a small amount of ointment for baby’s skin rashes (Calmoseptine). And lastly, I cover it with anti-prickly heat powder (Fissan). After two or three weeks, the rashes are gone in my arms but they resurfaced in my bikini area. I applied the same routine and thankfully, it also worked.

Just when I was overjoyed to have found the proper and gentle products that solved my misery, I started having dry and rigorously itchy legs. It began near my feet then it was going up and up. There are no bumps but there appear red flat round marks and flaky skin all over the area. I know it was different from the last I had but I still tried the combination of Dove, Calmoseptine, and Fissan. Expectedly, it did not work this time around.

I forgot to consult my OBG and I admit that that’s a stupid thing! Anyway, I tried so many different moisturizing lotions. I started from my own stash which includes a couple of branded and scented creams. They did not work either, although I kind of expected that already. Then, I tried my children’s extra moisturizing gentle lotion (Cetaphil). It does moisturize my skin but only for a limited time. I had to reapply during the day, something I’m too busy and lazy to do. Good thing, my sister reminded me of Physiogel. So far, Physiogel solves my dry, itchy and flaky legs problem. What else do I love about Physiogel?

  • It is gentle on my skin. No harsh chemicals and no perfume to further damage my already sensitive skin.
  • It is genuinely moisturizing which lasts for a whole day without the greasy feeling.
  • It is still affordable compared to other imported brands such as Aveeno, Palms and Grandpa’s.
  • It is available at over-the-counter drug stores.

Should the symptoms persist, I would have consulted my OBG especially that I read somewhere that skin itch could be a symptom of more potentially dangerous pregnancy complications such as kidney and/or liver problems. By the way, I also suspect that the rashes I had during the second trimester are from pregnancy-induced gluten intolerance. So, aside from my routine skin care, I also stopped eating pandesal (which they say is rich in gluten). And, I honestly think it also helped ease my skin rashes. For my severely dry and flaky legs, I think they are due to my limited water intake (1 to 1.5 L per day only) as per my OBG’s medical advice since I’ve been suffering from edema as early as my second trimester and my 2D echo noted some gurgling sounds coming from one of my heart’s valves. So, water diet for me. That’s the story of my third, last and itchy pregnancy!

How about you? What’s so unique about your pregnancy/ies?

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