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Officially a Mom of Three

I have so many things to talk about since my last entry but the biggest and most exciting news I can’t wait to share with you is that we are finally home with our new baby love Lorinsky! My labor and her whole birth story is very much different from my previous experiences with Jonath and Claret. As early as now, I’m having so many realizations for being a mom of three wonderful children. Once I fully recovered and regained my strength back, I will tell you my stories piece by piece including the last installment for my supposedly Lenten Series reflection. Albeit late, I’m still eager to finish the draft and publish so that I can share it with any hungry souls out there. But for now, let me finish first purchasing some mattresses for my children so they can all fit in our bed and still enjoy/learn boundaries. And while at it, (online shopping spree -a much needed and well-deserved reward for my four-day hospital arrest) I’m also trying to score for a violin which my first born was expecting as a gift from little Lorini. He was quite disappointed upon learning we still do not have it. Hay! So elusive that violin is! I only saw some good deals instead for fender bass check it out at GuitarCenter. When Claret was born, she gave her big brother Jonath a train set as a gift and we did the same for Lorini’s homecoming and it made them doubly excited to welcome her home.

I guess that’s about it for tonight.  The highlight of my long weekend was no doubt the arrival of Lorini. Meatier stories coming in the next posts, promise!

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