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♥ Blissful Giveaways ♥

This giveaway is closed. Tune in for our next Blissful Giveaway!

I’m pretty much confined to the four corners of our bedroom because I do not want to risk aggravating the small hole in my CS incision. It’s almost a month but it has not yet healed even on the surface. Don’t worry though, I’m in constant communication with my OB. 

Now, if I would to think about my condition while taking care of a newborn, I’d surely be depressed so I’m consciously trying to put my mind into other beautiful things. 

I have long wanted to put on sale, at least online most of my things: pre-loved, unused and new. But since my movements are limited, I could not dig into my closets. So, I’m skipping the sorting stage and moving forward instead to the purging stage. Slowly, I’ll be selling and giving away things I would randomly find in my room.

I’ll begin this #BlissfulGiveaways with two pregancy/mommy-related books. I’ll be giving away two books: “The Organized Mom, Simplify Life for You and Baby One Step at a Time” by Stacey Crew and “It Worked for Me: 1001 Real-life Pregnancy Tips” by Michelle Kennedy. Both these books have been useful to me especially during my first pregnancy. Would you like to have them? 

To get a chance to win these books, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open for Metro Manila participants, in the meantime. Sorry!
  2. Follow Blissful Thoughts Blog Facebook Page
  3. Comment on the #BlissfulGiveaways post (can be found on the FB page) on why you want to win the books.
  4. Share and Like the FB post. 
  5. Comment below that you joined this contest.
  6. I will choose the winner on Sunday 10 PM and announce it on Monday.
  7. Winner will be chosen through a randomizer application.  

I hope you join my first giveaway. You get the books and I’ll get the space I want and need. Win-win! By the way, since this is my first giveaway, shipping cost is on me. Good luck and thank you!

2 thoughts on “♥ Blissful Giveaways ♥

  1. I joined. Not pregnant but I do have kids already. Tres Marias. The reason why I want the books, is because I want to give them to my cousin, who is pregnant for her 2nd baby. And I really hope that I would win this giveaway. 🙂 Goodluck on your new baby. And May God bless you even more. 🙂 xxx


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