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♥ Goodbye Gift Gate, Thank You for the Lessons ♥

​If you are active in social media, you must have read/heard already about Gift Gate’s closure in the Philippines. Gift Gate, the gift shop of my generation (GEN-X) is bidding us farewell.

I was an avid fan of Hello Kitty (which was pretty much the star of Gift Gate) and Big Panda Bears. And, although I have outgrown my desire to own huge stuffed toys such as the classic Hello Kitty and black and white Panda Bear, I still feel a bit sad for Gift Gate’s fate. Truly, it is an end of an era! Aside from that, Gift Gate is quite dear to my heart as it has carved core memories in my childhood.

  • Gift Gate has made me realize at an early age that we were not rich, maybe even poor since we could not afford what Gift Gate is selling.
  • And, since we could not afford Gift Gate’s items, it surely broke my heart, countless times, over and over again.
  • Good thing is that, Gift Gate was the first to teach me about dreaming or aiming at something.  As a kid, I promised myself that one day I’d buy that cute and huge stuffed toy Kris Aquino was hugging in a commercial and those watches Geneva Cruz was flashing every time she sings. 
  • Gift Gate has taught me about hard work and working to afford what you want or to simply earn money for my then young mind. You see, my sister worked part-time during summer as a saleslady for one of the branches of Gift Gate.
  • My sister’s job at Gift Gate enabled her to huy herself a leather Swatch wristwatch and a small Hello Kitty for me – things my parents could not give us.
  • My sister’s experience at that branch also taught me how to always stand up for your rights. My mom had to accompany my sister to get her 2-month paycheck which the branch kept on withholding. 
  • Lastly, I realized that we have to take care of the things which are given to us because we do not know what hardship they’ve gone through just to be able to give that to us. In high school, my sister gave to me the watch she worked hard for at Gift Gate and I lost it simply because I was not diligent enough. It made me cry real hard and I was so embarrassed to face my sister knowing how many days she endured standing up and assisting all sorts of people, the snubs and rude included.

That’s how nostalgic I’ve become upon hearing about Gift Gate’s goodbye in the Philippines. Good and bad memories.  I wonder what my sister thinks and feels about this. I’ll make sure I’ll ask her when we meet next week.

How about you? Any memories with Gift Gate?

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