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♥ Attitude of Gratitude: May Edition ♥

Turning to old love – essential oils after being battered by health issues last May

May is not exactly a brilliant month for me and my family. Our faith was tested. How? Well, on the first week, I found a hole with pus in my CS wound. The next week, my baby V developed rashes on her face. And, concurrently my mom’s diabetes took another notch and caused her blood pressure to shoot up which warranted a hospital confinement. But, being the hard-headed or matiisin that she is, like me and most women (sorry, for my sexist remark but I think it’s a fact) she refused to be confined and just agreed on close monitoring at home.

That’s pretty much how one can sum up our month of May – health issues left and right. But, doing this post now reminds me how faithful, big-hearted, in control and gracious God for enabling us to weather the storms through His people. His works are magnificent.

I dearly thank my sisters for taking turns in taking care of my mom (since I myself is incapacitated) and in assisting me as I nurture my newborn, take care of my rambunctious toddlers and try to recover fully from my operation. Special thank you to my sister and her husband who unwaveringly offered to drive us to and from the clinic and cook/provide us meals. And, of course, thank you for my husband for supporting and taking care of us, tirelessly and at all cost.

I thank God for providing us with steady means of living. I don’t know how we’ll survive these expensive health troubles if it weren’t for our works which provide our families, works which are given by God. I could not imagine how to be physically ill, emotionally bothered, mentally tortured and financially limited all at the same time. So, thank you God for your provision. Towards the end of May, I am also grateful for the gift of healing only He can grant.

The month of May also made me realize two things: one is to live healthily and two is the importance of being prepared for medical expenses, both in the forms of health card or health insurance and cold cash stashed away strictly for medical requirements. I need to act on these two, the sooner the better.

I pray that June would be a different story, hopefully, more of smiles, laughter and good vibes. May was too stressful. But, I hope, I claim and I believe that the same God would pour His mercy, grace, and blessings endlessly and relentlessly to me and my family.

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